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On August 6, Michael Rosenbaum announced on his Inside of You Patreon page that Jensen Ackles will be returning to visit the podcast once again. 

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Jensen Ackles' fan account from Poland  first caught this and shared with the rest of us! The WFB has since confirmed the information with Rosenbaum's Patreon page. 
A four-day Supernatural Inside of You podcast event in October, 2019 welcomed guests Mark Sheppard, Misha CollinsJared Padalecki, and Jensen to Rosenbaum's show. They talked about Supernatural, mental health, anxiety, philanthropy, creating the #SPNFamily, and other personal insights. Other cast members have also appeared on Rosenbaum's podcast including Julie Benz (Layla Rourke, Season 1, Episode 12 'Faith') and James Marsters (Don Stark, Season 7, Episode 5 'Shut Up, Dr Phil').

The date of Jensen's second visit to Inside of You has not yet been announced. At the moment, only contributors of Inside of You's Patreon can submit questions for Jensen in advance. We'll keep you posted with any updates but in the meantime, check out the full guest list on the podcast  or consider becoming a patron.