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Fans were blessed with lock down live shots of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki as they were interviewed by Alice O'Connell from Capsule, New Zealand. 

It was a short interview. Based on Capsules' 'How Are You Today' series, O'Connell asked how Jensen and Jared were doing during lock down, and what is has been like not to be filming. 

Some short take-away from the interview on how they are doing during lock down:

Jared: "hopeful..optimistic for what is to come..excited".
Jensen: "emotionally fine.. odd don’t have a mission...not easy".

They both talked about spending time with their families, and what is like not to see each other during the lock down, even though they live two miles away.  They both expressed their gratitude to the New Zealand fans and the support they have given the show. "We are far away but we feel your support."

Full interview here.