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In the past couple of days, the CW has announced scheduling for the remainder of its spring season and the summer lineup.  

The announcement yesterday covered the shows of their current lineup that were put on hiatus because of production shutdowns due to COVID-19.  The shows returning include "The Flash," "Legends of Tomorrow," "Riverdale," "Nancy Drew," and "Katy Keene."

Today's announcement of the summer lineup confirmed that the final season of "The 100" will begin on May 20th (they finished shooting just before the shutdown) and new show "Burden of Truth" among others.

Absent from both of these announcements was the status of "Supernatural."  All evidence now points to a Fall 2020 return, although this has yet to be confirmed.  Chances are official dates and times of the remaining 7 episodes of the series, plus a retrospective, will not be announced until The CW presents its fall lineup as part of its spring upfront presentation.  That date is still to be announced, but it will not be a live presentation as in previous years.  

"Supernatural" still has two episodes remaining to shoot and both Andrew Dabb and Jim Michaels have confirmed those will be shot.  The timing of that is still uncertain because everything is still shutdown, but speculation is it will be as soon as possible.  

Deferring the remaining episodes makes sense from a network promotional standpoint.  There was supposed to be a huge promotional blitz for the final episodes of "Supernatural" this spring, starting with the now cancelled session at SXSW in Austin, Texas.  By delaying the remainder of the final season until the fall, WB and The CW can give the show a proper sendoff.  That of course is no comfort to fans, who now face a long unexpected hiatus and a delay of that finale by months.  

We'll keep you posted on any official announcements that come about the final dates, but just a reminder, if you see any potential dates floating around on social media, they are not official.