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We all know that Supernatural is going to be at this year's San Diego Comic Con. Some of our former guest stars and writers will also be there, representing their new projects.
 On Friday July 20, 2018 3:30pm – 5:30pm, Ben Edlund will be part of the Panel of Amazon Prime Creators.  As an added bonus, New England Comics will be releasing a new Tick comic New England Comics Launches The Tick #0 For San Diego Comic-Con.
Coverage of the panel is below the cut.
More below the cut
Adam Glass will be taking part in several SDCC panels, as well as signing autographs.
Sera Gamble will be part of the panel for The Magicians on Saturday, July 21 from 7:00-8:00 pm.
Robbie Thompson is taking part in several panels at SDCC
 Let's chat meet-cutes, destined-to-bes, and all the different archetypal romantic pairings of great fiction. Moderators Sam Maggs (Girl Squads, Anthem) and Amy S. Foster (The Rift Uprising) with Melissa de la Cruz (Love and War: An Alex and Eliza Story), Robbie Thompson (writer, Silk, Supernatural), Adri Cho (founder, Dual Wield Studios), Mey Rude (writer, Autostraddle), and Susana Polo (editor, Polygon) for a look at how some favorite pairings have evolved through LGBTQ+ culture and third-wave feminism-and how they haven't changed, because love is love is love is love.
Felicia Day will be at Comic Con for several projects, MST3K and Dark Horse Comics.
Felicia will also be taking part in the Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog reunion.
DJ Qualls will be part of the ZNation panel on Thursday, July 19 from 5:00-5:50.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan will take part in The Walking Dead panel Friday, July 20 • 12:15pm – 1:15pm
Ruth Connell will be part of a panel on Pop Culture Witches
Ruth will be joined by Rachel Miner in the 'Pyschology of Pop Culture TV Shows: Episode 5' panel
 Curtis Armstorng (Metatron) will at the American Dad panel at SDCC.
 We will keep our eyes open for other alumni who may be appearing at this year's Comic Con. Watch this space for updates!

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