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Ruth started out our talk by mentioning that she was having trouble hearing out of her left ear.  So if you notice in an answer or two her complaining about hearing, you’ll know why.  Otherwise Ruth is someone who loves to talk, and that’s not a bad thing.  She was having so much fun talking to us about Comic Con that she had to be put on track to address what she was supposed to talk about, season twelve.  Ah well, we didn’t mind, it is her first crack at this roundtable press conference thing.  I just love listening to her Scottish accent.  Between her and Henry Ian Cusick in “The 100” press room, I got a good fill of Scottish accents over the weekend. 

Below is the full transcript and video. 

(Alice) Welcome to Comic Con, is this your first time here?

I came down last year…

(Alice) Right, I remember!  I was in the audience with you nearby. 

I came down because I never had been and I wanted to see what it was all about.  Five or six years ago I had never heard of Comic Con.  It has grown internationally so much since I moved to America.  I came down and Jensen was like, “You came down?”  He called me out in the audience which was lovely.  Then I got swarmed and couldn’t get out of the hall.  I was, “Oh, this is Comic Con.”  I spoke to Sara Paulson in the elevator on the way down from a party.  I’m like, “Oh, wow, this is amazing.”  It’s great to be back this year, one step further, to be involved in the panel.  I’m bloody nervous. 

(Nightsky) Big room

We have rooms, like I did a convention in Pittsburgh with 3000 people-

(Alice) I was there too!

Yeah, it was a lot of people.  There’s something about Comic Con and people that watch (on) the Internet and I blanked out my mind in the first couple of rows of people.   I don’t even think about how your boss, bosses, are watching.  So I was nervous and unable to hear probably and understand.  It wasn’t that easy, I was like “listen, listen, just try and listen...”

We’re going to run out of time, we need to talk Supernatural.

(Ruth laughs) Dude, dude, just interrupt me, please. 

What can fans expect?  What can you tease?

I think we’re going to see more interaction between Crowley and Rowena.  The fact that Gavin was mentioned in the cheat sheet...Theo (Devany) is a friend.  We actually bumped into each other in L.A. it was so bizarre before we met through the show.  So I’m excited for him, he seems to be coming back or there’s going to be some development.  I don’t know if she (Rowena) finds out if she’s a grandma or not or how she’d use it if she does or what her reaction would be to that, so that would be interesting.  I don’t know if that’s what’s going to happen.  It’s a tease for me.  But that would be fun.

Has the cast accepted you well on the set?

I mean honestly from the word go they’re very inclusive, they give everyone the benefit of the doubt.  Yeah, Jensen says, “Give me sugar.” I’m so lucky.  This is my first American TV show.  It’s spoiled me for everything else, I know that.  I consider them to be my friends like Mark. Rob and Rich too, I get to know the other guys from the con circuit.  I’m in love with them all, like everyone else is.   I feel lucky.  I’m very respectful.  I was probably a little standoffish, a little bit shy with them.  So many people want a piece of them.   I never tried to do that. 

(Nightsky) In season 11, interacting with the Darkness, Rowena gets a few more layers to her character.  What character growth would you like to see?

To give Emily (Swallow) her status as The Darkness I wanted some real fear, there’s no jeopardy if she  doesn’t go beyond my depth,  so I enjoyed that.   It’s what we do when you’ve really seen the end of the world, really the end of magic which is the thing for Rowena, the world can end but the end of magic…to me that was the crux of Rowena.  She’s warrior for magic, whether you agree with her methods or not, that’s what she champions.  I hoping it will develop where you see what’s happened how it’s affected her and how she moves forward.  I’d like her to dig in deeper and find her new power, to get her everything she’s ever wanted.

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