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No, we still don't have anyone to do our regular Weekly World News segments.  However, this was a pretty crazy week of news and events for former "Supernatural" cast and producers, so I thought that it would be fun to share some news.  Since this is a special segment though and not a regular thing, welcome to...

Supernatural Whenever World News!  

Fine, the title is still a WIP.  But for today, it works!  Let's just get on with the news. 

Former Producers

First up, there was a big announcement this week for former "Supernatural" showrunner Jeremy Carver and former writer and producer Steve Yockey.  They're doing a pilot together!  They have a pilot order from HBO Max along with Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schehter, and David Madden for Dead Boy Detectives.  It's about two DC characters created by Neil Gaiman, Charles Rowland and Edwin Paine, that decide not to enter the afterlife so they can stay on earth and investigate crimes.  

Here's the announcement from Deadline:

Here's the information from Variety:

Oh, and as a side note, season three of Jeremy Carver's Doom Patrol drops on September 23rd on HBO Max.  


There was a great interview in Vanity Fair with Eric Kripke a few weeks ago about not only The Boys but his take on genre television in general.  It’s quite fascinating!

Speaking of The Boys, musical director (former SPN director) Christopher Lennertz has been getting quite a bit of attention this Emmy season.  Here’s an article with some quotes from him about superhero stories finding their way into Emmy’s music categories:


Creation Cons still remain postponed until 2022, but in the meantime, several cast members are popping up at other events.  There were a couple of big ones this past weekend, Dragon Con and Momento Con. 

Dragon Con, back after being cancelled last year, had several former cast members attending.  Samantha Smith, DJ Qualls, Emily Swallow, Ty Olsson, Mark Pellegrino, Felicia Day and Tahmoh Penikett.  

Here's some tweets about the event, which was much smaller than years past, but still held in person.  Everyone looked like they were having a great time!

Samantha Smith with DJ Qualls Samantha Smith With Emily Swallow Felicia Day sharing an incredible work of art from a Supernatural fan: Felicia is ready There was a Supernatural Q&A

Momento Con was held September 4-5 at the David Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA.  Guests were Misha Collins, Rob Benedict, Mark Sheppard, Jim Beaver, Alania Huffman, Ruth Connell, Adam Fergus, Jeffrey Vincent Parise, Curtis Armstrong, and David Haydn-Jones.  

Here's a few tweets about this event from host Clare Kramer:

They were also able to announce some great news, Momento Con will be back at the David Lawrence Convention Center in 2022! It will be held on May 7 and May 8.

Upcoming Cons

Jim Beaver and Mark Sheppard will be at the Lexington Comic and Toy Show next weekend, September 9-12.

Several Supernatural cast members will be at the Cross Roads 3 con in Birmingham, England September 24 - 26th.  So far announced has been Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr., Alexander Calvert, Ty Olsson, DJ Qualls, Ruth Connell, Katherine Ramdeen, Lisa Berry, Julian Richings, Keith Szarabajka

Closing Notes

All has been very quiet on the Jared and Jensen front or any news of the potential Supernatural prequel.  

There is this from the mayor of Austin, TX though!

I'm sure I'm just hitting the tip of the iceberg here. Got any news to report that I missed here? Share the link in the comments.