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Supernatural Cast News, Projects and Interviews
¤ Entertainment Weekly had cast and creators of DC's Batman: The Long Halloween [BtLH] for 'Around the Table.' Click on the link to hear Jensen Ackles talk about playing 'Batman.'

»  CBR released a peak at the opening scene of BtLH. Comes out next week. 🙌
»Comic Book released another sneak peak at BtLH. Are you all ready? 
» Excitement builds for Batman!  🦇 Check out The World's Finest social media post sharing the iTunes menus. 
Big Sky
§ The show has cast members Michael Ekland ('Ed Brewer'), Alessandro Juliani ('Adam'), Ty Olsson ('Benny'), Sebastian Roche ('Balthazar') and Anja Savcic ('Paris Hilton fan'), Daryl Shuttleworth ('Sheriff Rick Carnegie / Chuck Lambert'), and others. You can catch this thriller on ABC on Tuesday nights or on Disney + for UK fans.
The Boys
The Boys  
 ¤ Below the Line News talked with the VFX supervisor from The Boys, Stephan Fleet, about his work on the show and some of the inspiration behind the work.

Season 3 boys
» Greg Hopwood showed off the super cool concept art for 'Soldier Boy' and it looks awesome. 
» Are you keeping your eye on Toronto Filming? More filming updates for The Boys.
» More BTS and views of Jensen Ackles as a rugged 'Soldier Boy' with Eric Kripke.
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