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The Boys
The Boys  
» Screenrant pulled together the '10 Supes Only Comic Fan Know About.' Check it out.

» Who would win in a fight? Screenrant pit The Boys' 'Homelander' against Invincible's 'Omni-Man'. (Hey, and don't forget Lauren Cohan plays 'War Woman' in Invincible).

Image courtesy of Amazon 
» More BTS from Tony Starr ('Homelander')
Jupiter's Legacy 
Jupiter legacy
§The show is co-produced by Andrew Dabb and Adam Glass. 
» Matt Lanter ('Wyatt Logan' in Eric Kripke's Timeless) talks to Looper about the new superhero series and his character, George Hutchence.
» Jupiter's Legacy made the list of top shows to stream on Netflix by Stuff Entertainment NZ.
» Netflix goes 'Behind the Scenes' of Jupiter's Legacy.
Kung Fu 
kung fu 
§ Robert Berens is an executive producer and co-showrunner for The CW's reboot.
¤ Catch up with Kung Fu! Season 1, episode 6 recap has been posted on Vulture.
¤ Jeremy Adams has a new comic out! The Flash #770
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