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Β€ The trailer for Batman; The Long Halloween dropped this week. Listen for Jensen Ackles as 'Bruce Wayne/Batman.'
Β€ Jensen posted on Instagram about how excited he is to play 'Batman.'
Β€ Radio Company released another single this week 'Quarter To.'
Β€ Elizabeth Blackmore ('Toni Bevell') played 'Natalie' in The Evil Dead and director Fede Álvarez  released BTS photos from the movie this past week on its 8th anniversary of release. More photos can be found in the link above or from Álvarez's Twitter thread.
 Β€ Happy Birthday celebrations this week for Sterling K Brown (April 5).  πŸŽ‚ 🎁

SterlingKBrown ThisIsUs
Brown in 'This is US' 
Β€ Christian Keyes ('AU Michael') will guest star on The Rookie, S3.10, April 11.

SPN 1660
Keyes as 'AU Michael' in 'Let the Good Times Roll' S13.23
Β€ Jeffrey Dean Morgan's movie, The Unholy, was released last week. Collider had an exclusive interview with Morgan about the film.

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