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Conventions and Guest Appearances
¤ Creation Entertainment won a Stagie in Stagit for their online conventions.
¤ DarkLight Con will be hosting an online convention April 10-11. They have announced more guests! Jim Beaver, Adam Fergus, and David Hayden-Jones have joined the line up. More information on the link above.

 ¤ Jensen Ackles will be participating in herARTS in Action celebrity auction from April 15-18 for 'World Water Day.'
 ¤ Felicia Day teamed up with Stands for 'The Guild' charity shirt with proceeds to benefit Able Gamers Charity.
¤ Jared Padalecki has limited edition 'Mantra Labs' t-shirts on offer to benefit the Injured and Fallen Officer Fund to support the victims of the mass shooting in Boulder, CO.
¤ Random Acts are looking for donations for the 2nd Annual Online Auction.
¤ Gabriel Tigerman posted an update on his 'GoFundMe' campaign. 'It is with immense and profound gratitude that we announce that the lawsuit was dismissed this week.'

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