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¤ Big news and congratulations are in order for Adam Fergus.  Adam and Hayley are expecting twin girls! 
¤ Amy Gumenick's  ('Young Mary Winchester') new movie, Sweet Dreams, will premier at the Santa Barbara Film Festival from April 1-10.
¤ The Hillywood Show will be doing another parody. Follow along their Patreon for updates on  Good Omens parody.
¤ Louden Swain's new single will be released in April. 
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» This coming Friday join band members on Zoom!
¤ Jeffrey Dean Morgan was in the news this week getting ready for the release of his new movie The Unholy -AND- the season finale of season 10 of TWD.

Image courtesy of Men's Journal
» Morgan joined Entertainment Weekly to talk about his new movie.  Catch the review of the film in Deadline.

» Morgan had an exclusive with Forbes Magazine and talked about The Unholy and his reunion with Sam Raimi.

JDM unholy
» More with The Unholy movie.
» Morgan was on Twitter taking questions about The Unholy movie in time for its release last week. You can catch the entire thread by checking the link below.
» There was also an exclusive cover story with Men's Journal this week and Morgan talked about family, farm life, and his career. 

Image courtesy of Men's Journal
» More facts about Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  The Things pulled a list of 10 interesting facts about Morgan that you may not have known.
» Morgan was on 'Hot Ones'
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