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More Supernatural Cast News, Projects and Interviews
¤ Deadline announced that Colin Ford ('Young Sam') has been cast of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story for Netflix.

colin ford
Image courtesy of Colin Ford on Instagram
¤ Remember Alaina Huffman going to film school last year? Huffman shared a photo from her time in classes.
¤ If you are watching The CWs Superman and Lois, did you catch Dylan Kingwell ('Young Sam' in S11.08 'Just My Imagination') cast as 'Young Clark Kent'?

Kingwell SupermanLois
¤  Gen Padalecki interviewed Elizabeth Kolbert author of Under a White Sky for the N & G Book Club this month.
¤ Gen Padalecki will be joining the Women in Travel Summit [WITS] as their keynote speaker on April 20-24, 2021. More information and tickets here.

GenPad 2021
Image courtesy of Gen Padalecki on Instagram

¤ Jared Padalecki's bodyguard shared a photo of Jared and his 'new car.'
¤ Jared shared a photo of getting his hair dyed to cover the greys. 
¤ Jared encouraged folks to drink water, in his Walker costume, for Go Mantra Labs.
¤ Jared was featured in ExBulletin for Go Mantra Labs.

jared mantra
Image courtesy of Go Mantra Labs on Instagram
¤ Mitch Pileggi has been added as a guest for Wales Comic Con, November 2021. For more information and tickets, go to the comic con site.

mitch peleggi
¤ Great news for Adam and Joanna Rose! Congrats! 🎉
¤ Shoshannah Stern was highlighted as part of Sundance's 'Women in Film' for her role in This Close.
¤  Commercial Workshop for actors is being offered by Gabriel Tigerman.
¤ Lauren Tom joined  with Voter of Tomorrow to discuss the Equal Rights Amendment.
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