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Supernatural Weekly World News 

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S15 Hiatus Pic fr Jensen
¤ The hardest Dean Winchester quiz? What Culture put together a tough one! Can you get  💯?

'Dean Winchester' in S10.02 'Reichenbach'
¤ Screenrant put together a list of the worst relatives in Supernatural. Who made it to top baddy? ➡ 'Chuck/God' 

14 20 0652 Angry Chuck
'Chuck/God'  in S14.20 in 'Moriah'
¤ More 'best of' lists from Screenrant. The top emotional moments in 'Baby', the Impala, have been listed and ranked.

normal Baby 339 
S11.04 'Baby'
¤ Ready for another quiz? Can you guess which monster was from Supernatural or Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

SV 65
Siren in S4.14 'Sex and Violence'
¤ If you are missing Supernatural, Screenrant pulled together a list of comics that are most like the show.

Check out Hellblazer by Vertigo titles
Supernatural Cast News, Projects and Interviews
¤ Jensen Ackles will be releasing Vol. 2 by Radio Company on 7 May. Information for pre-orders below.
 ¤ Jim Beaver announced he was filming Liberty in St Louis. No official word from IMDb but Business Wire, St Louis put out a short announcement. We'll keep you posted.

¤ Rob Benedict stars inViolet and shared an interview with director, Justine Bateman.
¤ Lisa Berry showed some BTS from her new project.
¤ Could this be the new project from Lisa Berry? Berry is cast as 'Natashia' on season 5, episode 6 of Working Moms.

Workin Moms Season 5 Episode 6
Image courtesy of CTC Television
¤ Osric Chau ('Kevin') shared news of directing his short film.
¤ Felica Day was on the cover of Media Planet USA and talked about her love of gaming.
¤ Filming in Norway, State of Happiness season 2 stars Adam Fergus ('Mick'). Fergus shared a photo from set.
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More Supernatural Cast News, Projects and Interviews
¤ Deadline announced that Colin Ford ('Young Sam') has been cast of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story for Netflix.

colin ford
Image courtesy of Colin Ford on Instagram
¤ Remember Alaina Huffman going to film school last year? Huffman shared a photo from her time in classes.
¤ If you are watching The CWs Superman and Lois, did you catch Dylan Kingwell ('Young Sam' in S11.08 'Just My Imagination') cast as 'Young Clark Kent'?

Kingwell SupermanLois
¤  Gen Padalecki interviewed Elizabeth Kolbert author of Under a White Sky for the N & G Book Club this month.
¤ Gen Padalecki will be joining the Women in Travel Summit [WITS] as their keynote speaker on April 20-24, 2021. More information and tickets here.

GenPad 2021
Image courtesy of Gen Padalecki on Instagram

¤ Jared Padalecki's bodyguard shared a photo of Jared and his 'new car.'
¤ Jared shared a photo of getting his hair dyed to cover the greys. 
¤ Jared encouraged folks to drink water, in his Walker costume, for Go Mantra Labs.
¤ Jared was featured in ExBulletin for Go Mantra Labs.

jared mantra
Image courtesy of Go Mantra Labs on Instagram
¤ Mitch Pileggi has been added as a guest for Wales Comic Con, November 2021. For more information and tickets, go to the comic con site.

mitch peleggi
¤ Great news for Adam and Joanna Rose! Congrats! 🎉
¤ Shoshannah Stern was highlighted as part of Sundance's 'Women in Film' for her role in This Close.
¤  Commercial Workshop for actors is being offered by Gabriel Tigerman.
¤ Lauren Tom joined  with Voter of Tomorrow to discuss the Equal Rights Amendment.
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More Supernatural Cast News:  Walker, The Walking Dead, and Wynonna Earp
Walker s1promo2
¤ Keegan Allen shared some BTS from Walker.
¤ Keegan Allen will be a guest for the Dream It Con on March 28th, 2021.  Sign up here.

¤ Check out the Walker Wiki for everything Walker. This week the Wiki talked to Gavin Casalegno about Walker and working with Jared.
¤ Richard Speight, Jr. will be joining Walker as a director. Check out the interview by Spoiler Country click on link for more.

SCPod Richard Speight Jr Wide Art
¤ Looper revealed what one thing Jared Padalecki had to change for Walker

WLK105b 0340r
Check out all of our Walker articles here. 
 The Walking Dead
TWD S10 pt 2 poster
 The show has SPN cast members Lauren Cohan ('Bella') and Jeffrey Dean Morgan ('John Winchester')
¤  Season 11 sneak peak was revealed this week.
¤ Have you caught up with season 10? Episode 20 aired last week.
¤ Showrunner Angela Kang was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly about episode 20 and some of the twists. 

1015feat 1
¤ Catch the BTS from episode 20.
¤ Jeffrey Dean Morgan was interviewed by the Undead Walking podcast about TWD and his new film.

Wynonna Earp 
Season 4 WynonnaE
The show has SPN cast members Melanie Scrofano (S2.20 'What Is and What Should Never Be') and Michael Eklund (S4.05 'Monster Movie').  Ty Olsson ('Benny') also made an appearance on the show as Sheriff Hoyt Clayborn. 
¤ Showrunner for WE, Emily Andras, was interviewed about what to expect in the coming episodes.
¤ Vulture interviewed Melanie Scrofano about saying goodbye to Wynonna.

¤ What's in store for the next episode? Check out Spoiler TV's promo photos and synopsis.
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Supernatural Crew and Creative Team
The Boys
The Boys  
¤ What to we know about The Boys spinoff series? Screenrant gathered all the information together in one article.
¤ Happy Birthday to Laz Alanzo from The Boys! 🎂
¤ Jeremy Adams shared a photo from the premier of 'Scoobynatural' for its anniversary.
¤ Meghan Fitzmartin was interviewed by CBR about Justice Society: World War II.

JusticeSociety WW2
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