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S15 Hiatus Pic fr Jensen
¤ The hardest Dean Winchester quiz? What Culture put together a tough one! Can you get  💯?

'Dean Winchester' in S10.02 'Reichenbach'
¤ Screenrant put together a list of the worst relatives in Supernatural. Who made it to top baddy? ➡ 'Chuck/God' 

14 20 0652 Angry Chuck
'Chuck/God'  in S14.20 in 'Moriah'
¤ More 'best of' lists from Screenrant. The top emotional moments in 'Baby', the Impala, have been listed and ranked.

normal Baby 339 
S11.04 'Baby'
¤ Ready for another quiz? Can you guess which monster was from Supernatural or Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

SV 65
Siren in S4.14 'Sex and Violence'
¤ If you are missing Supernatural, Screenrant pulled together a list of comics that are most like the show.

Check out Hellblazer by Vertigo titles
Supernatural Cast News, Projects and Interviews
¤ Jensen Ackles will be releasing Vol. 2 by Radio Company on 7 May. Information for pre-orders below.
 ¤ Jim Beaver announced he was filming Liberty in St Louis. No official word from IMDb but Business Wire, St Louis put out a short announcement. We'll keep you posted.

¤ Rob Benedict stars inViolet and shared an interview with director, Justine Bateman.
¤ Lisa Berry showed some BTS from her new project.
¤ Could this be the new project from Lisa Berry? Berry is cast as 'Natashia' on season 5, episode 6 of Working Moms.

Workin Moms Season 5 Episode 6
Image courtesy of CTC Television
¤ Osric Chau ('Kevin') shared news of directing his short film.
¤ Felica Day was on the cover of Media Planet USA and talked about her love of gaming.
¤ Filming in Norway, State of Happiness season 2 stars Adam Fergus ('Mick'). Fergus shared a photo from set.
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