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The Boys
The Boys  
¤ Jensen Ackles commented on The Boys receiving the 'Golden Tomato Award' for 'Best Reviewed Superhero TV Show of 2020.'
¤ Season 3 set photos were shared by Eric Kripke and showed a gun convention that’s drenched in pink and sponsored by Vought.
¤ More filming updates from Toronto!
¤ Eric Kripke and the writers from The Boys, Anslem Richardson and Rebecca Sonnenshine, had a Q & A with The Hollywood Reporter. Click on the link for the video Q & A session.
¤ The inspiration behind the "Girls Get It Done" scene in season 2 of The Boys was explained in an article by Looper.
¤ More casting announcements this week were released for The Boys spin-off. Jaz Sinclair (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) joins the cast as well as Lizze Broadway (The Rookie).
¤ Robert Berens is the executive producer for the reboot of the The CWs Kung Fu.  Watch the trailer below.
¤ Some official photos from Kung Fu this week.
¤ Jeremy Carver's Doom Patrol has just cast Michelle Gomez (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Dr Who, The Flight Attendant) as 'Madame Rouge.' 

Doom Patrol logo
¤ Ryan Curtis (VFX) is part of the Van Helsing VFX crew and announced season 5 is coming soon.
 ¤ The English and Japanese cast members were announced for Andrew Dabb's anime series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. 

Dabb ResEvil
¤ Meghan Fitzmartin's new comic is out this week.
¤ More from Meghan Fitzmartin and Jeremy Adams! A Justice Society: World War II panel at Wonder Con.
¤ Meghan Fitzmartin was on The Bright Session podcast this week.
¤ Casting in open for Sera Gamble's, You. Find out how you could be cast in season 3 of the show from Backstage. 

 ¤ Davy Perez is the executive producer on the new Star Trek series: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Deadline reported five new cast members have been added to the new series.
¤ Season 2 of  Steven Yockey's The Flight Attendant will come to HBO Max in spring 2022.

Flight Attendant
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