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More Supernatural Cast News, Projects and Interviews
¤ The film My True Fairytale with Corin Nemec ('Christian Campbell') will be released on April 9. Nemec plays 'Terry Knight' and trailer was previewed this week.
¤ Gen Padalecki was interviewed by Parker Clay about sustainability, community and TOWWN

Walker103m 003
Image courtesy of The CW
¤ Gen Padalecki chatted with Jane Smiley, author of Perestroika in Paris, as part of her N&G Book Club.
¤ Jared Padalecki was a presenter at the Critics Choice awards this past week.

Image courtesy of Nightsky
¤ Jared Padalecki had a live Instagram chat about his new project, Mantra Labs.
¤ Mark Pelligrino has been cast in Showtime's American Rust as a series regular. He will play the character of 'Virgil Poe' in the series.
¤ GISH had a sea shanty as part of last weekend's hunt. Kim Rhodes shared her TikTok duet of the Winchester Brothers with Laura Bolt
@kimrhodes4real #duet with @lauraleviosa Jody is late to the whole #seashanty thing. But yes, she sings in the car. And enjoys harmonies. #supernatural #spnfamily ♬ Supernatural Sea Shanty - Laura Bolt
¤ Did you catch Shoshannah Stern and her daughter on Mandy Harvey this week? Watch the video below.
¤ Richard Speight, Jr. and Brad Creasser on the set of Kung Fu. Richard is currently directing an episode of the new series.
¤ Firefly Lane with Brendan Taylor ('Doug Stover') topped the Nielsen U.S. streaming ratings this past week.
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