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Supernatural Cast News, Projects and Interviews   
¤ Magda Apanowicz's ('Yokoth / Sandy Porter,' S13.17 'The Thing') new project, Volition, has been released on Showtime.
¤ The Kings of Con podcast had Lisa Berry on the show last week. Listen below.

kings of con

LisaBerry Death
¤ Did you miss Alexander Calvert on the Kings of Con podcast? It's now available and you can listen below.

Alexander Calvert

¤ Felicia Day was interviewed by CBR about GameLit and her audio voicing of Rule of Cool.
¤ More from the Undressing Bridgerton podcast with Felicia Day.

¤ The post-apocalyptic TV series, See,  has been renewed for season 3. Yadira Guevara-Prip ('Kaia') stars in the series alongside Jason Momoa.

Yadira Guevara Prip
 ¤ Alaina Huffman auditioned for The Boys this past week.
 ¤ Rachel Miner shared photos on International Wheelchair Day.
¤ Rachel Miner took part in The Guiding Light reunion this past week. You can watch below.
¤ Jeffrey Dean Morgan shared some pictures of his children with him at work on TWD.
¤ Open Mic'ers had Corin Nemec (Christian Campbell) on the podcast.

corin nemec
Image courtesy of Corin Nemec on Twitter
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