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 Supernatural Crew and Creative Team - Continued
¤ Jeremy Adams shared a photo book gift he received showing some amazing sets and locations from Supernatural. 
¤ The Kung Fu reboot will debut on April 8 on The CW. Deadline had some more information on Robert Berens' new show.  

kungfu100 1
¤ Eric Kripke's Timeless was reviewed as "the first television shows to highlight the historical texture of the nation through a science-fiction framework" in an article by 25 Years Later.

¤ Check out the first look at Robbie Thompson's new comics! 💚
¤ The Flight Attendant (Steven Yockey) made the list of awards this year. Variety interviewed Kaley Cuoco about filming.
¤ Crew members from Supernatural have gone on to other shows. The new CW series, Superman and Lois, had its debut this past week with good reviews. Crew members on set are Ryan Curtis  (VFX), Brad McGregor (Camera), Trisha Porter (Makeup), Evan Chan (Location Scout), Rob Hayter (Stunts), and many others. 
Superman and Lois
¤ Trisha Porter - make up
¤ Ryan Curtis - VFX
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