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Supernatural News
 ¤ Supernatural was in the top 10 most streamed acquired shows across all platforms for the month of January.

Screenshot 2021 02 27 162112
Walker News
Walker s1promo2
¤ Could Emily Walker's death be linked to her photography? Screenrant had some theories.

WLK101d 0541r
Image courtesy of The CW
¤ Molly Hagan ('Abilene') talked exclusively to Looper about Walker and what it is like working with Jared Padalecki.

WLK101g 0373r
Image courtesy of The CW
¤ Coby Bell was on The Talk and chatted about cowboy hats and snow in Texas.  Thanks to Walker Updates for the video!
¤ Lindsey Morgan's birthday was on February 27!  Happy Birthday! 🎂🎉
¤ And another Walker cast birthday! Violet Brinson ('Stella') celebrated a birthday on the same day as Morgan.

WLK101g 0465r
Image courtesy of The CW
¤ Texas Lifestyle Magazine interviewed Violet Brinson about Walker and acting.
¤ My RGV News had a feature on Gabriela Flores ('Isabela Munoz') and her acting career.

WLK102b 0447r
Image courtesy of The CW
¤ Some BTS shared by John Rosenfield Studios
¤ A Wiki has been created for Walker to curate everything Walker related. Check out the Wiki, contribute, or follow along. 
Check out all of our Walker articles here. 
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Supernatural Cast News, Projects, and Interviews
¤ Happy Birthday to Jensen Ackles (March 1)!    🎂🎉

Jensen 19Dallas 4767

¤ Danneel and Jenson launched the logo for Chaos Machine Productions on Instagram.  This is their new production company that has a deal with WB television to develop original television programming. You can also follow along on Twitter for more updates.

¤ Clark Backo ('Patience') has been cast in a new film, I Want You Back, and starts filming in Atlanta next month.

Backo in Letterkenny. Image courtesy of New Metric Media
¤ Lisa Berry was on the Mother May I podcast this last week. Watch below.
¤ Soul of a Nation will start next week on ABC (March 2) and will be hosted by Sterling K. Brown. The six part documentary series will focus on Black communities in America.

SterlingKBrown ThisIsUs
Sterling K. Brown in This Is Us
¤ Alexander Calvert was on the Kings of Con podcast this past week. Currently this is only available via Patreon but as soon as it's ready for the public, we'll share it.
¤ Entertainment Weekly looked at the new, adult animated series Invincible, premiering on March 26. Lauren Cohan plays 'War Woman'. Check out the trailer below. 
¤ Darius Marder's shared a video on Twitter of Misha Collins and himself enjoying a day out. Darius Marder is one of Misha's oldest friends and the director of Sound of Metal.
¤ Misha was given a copy of Sound of Metal by The Director's Guild.
¤ Misha shared a video of him and his sister making pastries.  
¤ The reboot of Resident Alien (SyFy) with Alan Tudyk has been getting great reviews. Ben Cotton ('Mr. Wheeler / Richard Beesom,' S11; 'Pride,' S.3) stars as 'Jimmy' in the new series.

Ben Cotton in Resident Alien 
¤ Christian Keyes (Michael AU) will be a keynote speaker at Iowa's African American festival. More details on the website.

Keyes Iowa
¤ Corin Nemec ('Christian Campbell') has just wrapped on shooting his new film, Blackwater Blues. The official Twitter account shared some BTS and crew shots. 
¤ Julie McNiven's film, The Sleeping Negro, screened at the 2021 Slamdance Film Festival. Check out the review of the film by Film Threat.

Julie McNivanThe Sleeping Negro 3
Image courtesy of Film Threat
¤ Have you caught up with Kathryn Newton's new film The Map of Tiny Perfect Things on Amazon? The cast talked to Houston Life and chatted about the film

tiny perfect things
Image courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
¤ More from the cast from TMOTPT.
¤ Been catching up with This Is Us lately? Don't forget that Tim Omundson is also in the show alongside Sterling K. Brown.
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Supernatural Cast News, Projects, and Interviews - Continued
¤ Gen Padalecki was featured in She Knows, 'SK Conversations:  New Year, New You' and talked about TOWWN (Take Only What We Need). Watch below.
¤ Gen and Jared Padalecki had their wedding anniversary this week. Congrats!

WLK106b 0395r
Image courtesy of The CW
¤ Hilly Hindi (The Hillywood Show) took part in some online gaming on Twitch. Adam Rose ('Aaron Bass') joined the lineup.
¤ Adam Rose shared an audition photo on Instagram.
¤ Look what arrived for Shoshannah Stern?! She received her seat back from the set of Supernatural.
¤ Emily Swallow shared an audition photo on Instagram.
¤ The Netflix series, Firefly Lane, has been doing well in the ratings. Brendan Taylor (Doug Stover) and Jason McKinnon (Brandon -season 7) were interviewed by TV Wasteland. Both talked fondly of being on the set of Supernatural.

¤ Taylor shared some BTS from Firefly Lane.
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Supernatural Cast News, Projects, and Interviews - Continued
The Walking Dead
Season 10 of TWD returns tonight (Feb 28) on AMC 
 TWD S10 pt 2 poster
¤ Are you ready? NME revealed TWDs next episodes of season 10 will change you

TWD 1017 EA 1105 0840 RT
Image courtesy of AMC
 ¤ TWD will air on the Fox network in the UK on March 1.
¤ Interview Magazine had an exclusive with Hilarie Burton-Morgan (Lucille). She reveled what it was like on the set of TWD:  "...we were living in a real apocalypse in the real world living in a rented house in a fake apocalypse and filming the beginning of a pandemic that has been on TV for ten years."

TWD HilarieBurton
Image courtesy of AMC
¤ Season 10, episode 17 will show us Maggie and Glenn's son, Hersel. Comic Book highlighted his character and what might be in store for season 10.
¤ More exclusive TWD season 10 photos were released this week.  Bleeding Cool had pictures from episode 'Home Sweet Home.'

TWD 1017 season 10
Image courtesy of AMC
¤ Showrunner, Angela Kang, was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly about the last episodes of season 10 and filming during COVID. Note: Spoilers!

Image courtesy of AMC
¤ More BTS from TWD and filming during COVID.
¤ Spoilers! CBR reviewed the final few episodes of season 10 of TWD and what viewers can expect.

TWDS10 2
Image courtesy of AMC
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Supernatural Crew and Creative Team -The Boys
The Boys
The Boys  
¤ Check out the index of The Boys for season 1 and 2! The Miracle Tech pulled together everything you need to know about the hit TV series from cast, crew, and recaps of all the episodes.

The Boys Poster
¤ Filming has begun in Toronto for season 3 of The Boys. Eric Kripke shared some images via social media.
¤ Did you forget that Supernatural writers have headed to The Boys for season 3?
¤ A lot of filming updates were shared by Toronto Filming. You can follow them on Twitter to catch some of the locations. 
¤ Jensen is not on set, yet! But it is only a matter of time. 
¤ Anthony Starr on set for The Boys
¤ Jack Quaid and Erin Moriarty BTS
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 Supernatural Crew and Creative Team - Continued
¤ Jeremy Adams shared a photo book gift he received showing some amazing sets and locations from Supernatural. 
¤ The Kung Fu reboot will debut on April 8 on The CW. Deadline had some more information on Robert Berens' new show.  

kungfu100 1
¤ Eric Kripke's Timeless was reviewed as "the first television shows to highlight the historical texture of the nation through a science-fiction framework" in an article by 25 Years Later.

¤ Check out the first look at Robbie Thompson's new comics! 💚
¤ The Flight Attendant (Steven Yockey) made the list of awards this year. Variety interviewed Kaley Cuoco about filming.
¤ Crew members from Supernatural have gone on to other shows. The new CW series, Superman and Lois, had its debut this past week with good reviews. Crew members on set are Ryan Curtis  (VFX), Brad McGregor (Camera), Trisha Porter (Makeup), Evan Chan (Location Scout), Rob Hayter (Stunts), and many others. 
Superman and Lois
¤ Trisha Porter - make up
¤ Ryan Curtis - VFX
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¤ Chad Lindberg will be teaming up with Buddy Healing Paws.
¤ Walker fans raised additional money for charities in Texas.
It's another mini-GISH hunt time! Join Misha and friends for some shenanigans! 
¤ GISHers teamed together to provide scholarships and this also helped donate more coats through the GISH charity drive
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