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Supernatural News
 ¤ Supernatural was in the top 10 most streamed acquired shows across all platforms for the month of January.

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Walker News
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¤ Could Emily Walker's death be linked to her photography? Screenrant had some theories.

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Image courtesy of The CW
¤ Molly Hagan ('Abilene') talked exclusively to Looper about Walker and what it is like working with Jared Padalecki.

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¤ Coby Bell was on The Talk and chatted about cowboy hats and snow in Texas.  Thanks to Walker Updates for the video!
¤ Lindsey Morgan's birthday was on February 27!  Happy Birthday! 🎂🎉
¤ And another Walker cast birthday! Violet Brinson ('Stella') celebrated a birthday on the same day as Morgan.

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Image courtesy of The CW
¤ Texas Lifestyle Magazine interviewed Violet Brinson about Walker and acting.
¤ My RGV News had a feature on Gabriela Flores ('Isabela Munoz') and her acting career.

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Image courtesy of The CW
¤ Some BTS shared by John Rosenfield Studios
¤ A Wiki has been created for Walker to curate everything Walker related. Check out the Wiki, contribute, or follow along. 
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