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Supernatural News
Creepy monsters and creatures! Cinema Blend ranked the top 10 most terrifying from Supernatural.

Changeling from S3.02 'The Kids are Alright'
 ¤ Can you get 100% on this brother quiz from What Culture? Who did it? Damon /Stefan (The Vampire Diaries) or Sam /Dean?
¤ How does time work in Hell? Screenrant worked out the timeline on how long Dean and Sam spent in Hell.
¤ Best and worst episodes? Screenrant looked at the five worst Kripke-era episodes and five best post-Kripke.  Can you guess one of the worst? S1.08 'Bugs' made the list.

Dean in 'Bugs'
¤ We never got a Led Zepplin song in any episode of Supernatural, but we got episodes named after songs. Here are all the episodes named after songs ranked according to IMDb.

S4.21 Sam in 'When the Levee Breaks'
Walker News
Walker s1promo2
¤ Cast announcement! Alex Meneses has joined the Walker cast as 'Adriana,' Micki Ramirez's mother.
¤ Glamour Magazine held an exclusive interview with Jared about his 20 years in the business, and his role in Walker.

WLKS1 JPadalecki1 BBS 102220 0067r
Image from Glamour ©Brian Bowen Smith
¤ Keegan Allen was interviewed by Glitter Magazine about acting, joining Walker, and his photography book released in September 2021.

WLK101b 0357r
Image courtesy of The CW
¤ Entertainment Weekly interviewed Kale Cully, 'August' in Walker, about his role on the show, favorite episode, and advice from Jared Padalecki.

WLK105b 0580r
Image courtesy of The CW 
¤ What do we know about season 2? Fansided gave a rundown of what we might expect in 2022 from the show.
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Hit 'next' for Cast News, Projects, and Interviews 

Supernatural Cast News, Projects and Interviews
¤  Danneel Ackles shared a video of Jensen on Valentine's Day.
» Jensen sent his thoughts to those struggling in Texas this past week during the storms.
¤ 21 Black Futures featured Lisa Berry this week and the play Notice. Catch up with the video link below.
¤ Lisa Berry also featured on the Soft Revolution podcast this week. She talked about blackness, motherhood, art, and meditation. Listen below.
¤ Lauren Cohan shared news of one of her new projects on social media. She plays 'War Woman' in Invincible and joins fellow TWD cast mate, Steven Yeun, as well as a host of others on this project.  New poster for the series was published this week. 

Invincible Poster Header

¤ The third installment of Felicia Day's newsletter 'Felicitations' was out this week. Sign up and read her latest on being a book nerd, and having too many books!
¤ Amy Gumenick (Young 'Mary Winchester') shared a picture of her with Julie McNiven ('Anna') and some fun on Supernatural.
¤ Louden Swain announced some new music is on the way.
¤ Hollywood Reporter spoke to Kathryn Newton about her new movie The Map of Tiny Perfect Things and golfing with Bill Murray.
» Kathryn Newton also talked to First Post about TMOTPT and her career.
 tiny perfect things
Image courtesy of Amazon Prime 
¤ Nerd Alert News caught up with Jeffrey Vincent Parise ('Asmodeus') and chatted about Supernatural, conventions, acting, and art. Part 2 coming out soon.

jeffrey vincent parise
 ¤ Did you catch Kim Rhodes' new voice acting gig for the game Persona 5 Striker? Check out the trailer below. 
¤ We highlighted the trailer for Sebastian Roche's new TV role in Debris last week. Roche shared it on Twitter with his fans. We can't wait to see him in this new role.
» Sebastian Roche appeared on the Monsters, Madness, and Magic. Listen below.
¤ Watching When Calls the Heart on Netflix? Teryl Rothery ('Olivette'/ 'Medical Examiner')  has been cast as 'Helen Bouchard' in season 8 of the show.

s10e16 246
Rowena and Olivette in S10.16 'Paint it Black'
¤ Emily Swallow stars in Seal Team and encouraged folks to watch the show.
 The Walking Dead
Back on AMC February 28, 2021
TWDS10 2

¤ Anxiously awaiting the return of TWD?  Show runner Angela Kang will be keeping us posted until the next episode! (7 days and counting now)
» TV Insider talked to Lauren Cohan about the next few episodes in TWD and the tension at the reunion of Negan and Maggie.

Image courtesy of AMC
» New teaser trailer was released for TWD. 
Hit 'next' for Crew and Creative Team News 

Supernatural Crew and Creative Team
The Boys
The Boys  
¤  Toronto Filming shared some location shots for The Boys.
¤ Screenrant gathered  together the best 'Hughie' and 'Starlight' moments from season 2. 

the boys billy joel road trip
Image courtesy of Amazon Prime
¤ Robert Berens' new TV series, Kung Fu, announced the full cast line up this past week.
¤ Inside Film interviewed Sera Gamble on "what makes a successful adaptation" and working during COVID.
¤ UK fans! The Flight Attendant will be available on Sky1 and NowTV in March 2021.

Flight Attendant
Hit 'next' for Conventions and Charity

Conventions and Guest Appearances
¤ Creation Entertainment will be hosting a virtual Supernatural convention in March. 
» New dates have been announced for CE's Supernatural convention in New Jersey.
¤ Aimee Garcia ('Nancy' 3.12 'Jus in Bello') will be appearing at the Lucifer virtual fan experience in March.
¤ Amy Gumenick appeared with with fellow Arrow cast members for Galaxy Con this past weekend.
¤ James Marsters ('Dr Phil' S7.05 'Shut Up, Dr Phil') and Jewel Staite ('Amy Pond' S7.03 'The Girl Next Door') have been announced as guests for Wales Comic Con November 2021.

Many links to charities have been shared over the last week to assist those in Texas affected by the storms. We have pulled together a few here from SPN Cast.
¤ Danneel Ackles shared link to Safe Austin, a children's shelter in need of help.  (Also see more links shared by Danneel below).
¤ Lisa Berry is adding a Zoom call to those who donate to Genesis shelter. 
¤ Misha Collins put support behind M.J. Hegar and shared information on food banks.
¤ Kim Rhodes is also chipping in a Zoom call if you help Genesis Shelter.
¤ Jared Padalecki was supporting and sharing information on how to help Genesis Shelter.
¤ Richard Speight, Jr. shared information for local food banks in Texas where help is needed.
 ¤ Random Acts has put together resources to help support those who are survivors of domestic violence.
 ¤ GISH added a few more places to go for help.
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