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Conventions and Guest Appearances
¤ Creation Entertainment will be hosting a virtual Supernatural convention in March. 
» New dates have been announced for CE's Supernatural convention in New Jersey.
¤ Aimee Garcia ('Nancy' 3.12 'Jus in Bello') will be appearing at the Lucifer virtual fan experience in March.
¤ Amy Gumenick appeared with with fellow Arrow cast members for Galaxy Con this past weekend.
¤ James Marsters ('Dr Phil' S7.05 'Shut Up, Dr Phil') and Jewel Staite ('Amy Pond' S7.03 'The Girl Next Door') have been announced as guests for Wales Comic Con November 2021.

Many links to charities have been shared over the last week to assist those in Texas affected by the storms. We have pulled together a few here from SPN Cast.
¤ Danneel Ackles shared link to Safe Austin, a children's shelter in need of help.  (Also see more links shared by Danneel below).
¤ Lisa Berry is adding a Zoom call to those who donate to Genesis shelter. 
¤ Misha Collins put support behind M.J. Hegar and shared information on food banks.
¤ Kim Rhodes is also chipping in a Zoom call if you help Genesis Shelter.
¤ Jared Padalecki was supporting and sharing information on how to help Genesis Shelter.
¤ Richard Speight, Jr. shared information for local food banks in Texas where help is needed.
 ¤ Random Acts has put together resources to help support those who are survivors of domestic violence.
 ¤ GISH added a few more places to go for help.
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