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The Boys
The Boys  
 ¤ Eric Kripke was a guest on the Screenwriter Festival, London this past weekend. He confirmed that filming has begun on season 3 of The Boys.
  Rolling Stone published a list of all the best DC comic movies and TV shows that are out on HBO Max. Jeremy Carver's Doom Patrol made the list.

Doom Patrol logo
¤ More great news for DC Comic fans. Meghan Fitzmartin's Justice Society WW2 has a release date of May 2021.
» Meghan shared more news! Her comic has been released. 
¤ A mini-GISH hunt has been announced for March 2021. Registration is  now open.
¤ Ruth Connell has teamed up with Stands to release a power bank charger.
¤ Lisa Berry has also joined up with Stands and released the 'Death Tome' charm this week. 
¤ Stands released pride pins this week to benefit True Colors United.

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