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More Supernatural Cast News, Projects, and Interviews
 ¤ Tim Omundson appeared on the Bootstrap Bitch podcast this past week and talked about his stroke recovery and working on TV in This Is Us. Listen below.
¤ Filming halted for The Orville season 3 due to COVID-19. Cinemaholic got the scoop for season three on the show, starring Adrianne Palicki ("Jessica"), and the likely release date of late 2021.
¤ Gen Padalecki spoke to She Knows about health, wellness, self-care, and her changes in the new year. Watch the interview below.
¤ Gen announced the launch of TOWWN - Take Only What We Need - this past week.  Check out the Instagram pages for more updates.
» More with TOWWN this week and a shared shower video with Gen and Jared encouraging saving water and time.
¤ A first look trailer has been released for Debris. Seb Roche will play 'Brill' in this new show on NBC.
¤ Samantha Smith has been posting some quarantine photos. She is currently in Toronto, CA for a new project but hasn't named it, yet. We'll keep you posted. 
¤ Richard Speight, Jr. plays Davey Faucheux in the movie, Our Friend. The film premiered in September 2019 at the Toronto International Film Festival and has now been released on streaming networks.  See the trailer below.
¤ Shoshannah Stern told fans about the fate of season 3 and This Close.
¤ Emily Swallow will join some of The Mandalorian cast for the Sci-Fi Summit in New Jersey, September 2021.
¤ Brendan Taylor ("Doug Stover") talked to Nerd Alert News about his role in Firefly Lane, Supernatural, and working during COVID-19.

Mutt in Firefly Lane
Taylor as 'Mutt' in Firefly Lane. Image courtesy of Netflix
The Walking Dead  
¤ Screenrant looked at how Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) had the same motivations - family.  Negan's backstory will feature in the second half of season 10. 
walkingdead1 articleLarge
Image courtesy of AMC
 » Jeffrey Dean Morgan answered TWD questions on Twitter. Undead Walking pulled together some of the highlights.
» The last episode of season 10 of TWD will be 'Here's Negan' and will feature Negan's origin story. Here's a clip below of the trailer for that episode. Catch more news from Undead Walking for the final season.
» Jeffrey Dean Morgan told Digital Spy that the last episodes of TWD are going to be 'special'.

walkingdead season10 newpics 5 2000x1270 1
Image courtesy of AMC
» Digital Spy confirmed that filming has begun on season 11 of TWD.  Catch the latest filming news from the official Instagram account.
 Wynonna Earp
¤ Syfy dropped the season 4, part 2 trailer of Wynonna Earp this week. Digital Spy had all the insight on what's to come for the final episodes. Wynonna is played by Melanie Scrofano who was in Supernatural's "What Is and What Should Never Be". 
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