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Supernatural Cast News, Projects, and Interviews
¤ Some superhero articles came out this week with 'Comic Book Characters' for Jensen Ackles and flashback to Ackles playing 'The Red Hood' in Batman: Under the Red Hood. We know from last week that Jensen will be playing a role in the new animated adaptation of Batman: The Long Halloween. Will he play Batman? We'll keep you posted.

250px Batman thelonghalloween
Image courtesy of DC Comics
¤ Clark Backo has been nominated for an award from the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRAA)
¤ Sterling K. Brown narrated the documentary, Lincoln, and a discussion about the program was featured in Deadline.
¤ Great news for Leah Cairns ('Julie Hudson' in 'Crossroad Blues,' 2.08, and 'Sasha Rawling' in 14.05 'Nightmare Logic')! Her cancer is in remission and she shared her good news on social media. 
¤ Lauren Cohan will be a featured guest on Live with Kelly and Ryan this week. She will join the show on February 15.

Image courtesy of AMC
¤ Matt Cohen talked with Rick Springfield on Entertainment Tonight this past week.  SPN Family will recall Springfield playing 'Lucifer' in season 12. 
¤ Misha Collins encouraged GISHers to sign up for the mini-hunt in March. He is currently home recovering from hip replacement surgery.
¤Felicia Day shared her gift package from the release of The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, supporting her friends Ian Samuels, Lev Grossman (The Magicians), and of course, Kathryn Newton.
¤ Why was Chad Lindberg trending on Twitter this past week? Lindberg encouraged his followers to get him trending on social media and he succeeded! He was trending in the United States, Germany, and Australia. 

Chad Lindberg Twitter#
Image courtesy of Chad Lindberg on Twitter
» Lindberg also announced the sale of his hand-made jewelry this past week. Check his Twitter account for more updates.
» Chad is on Cameo! Get a message sent to you and be part of the fan club.
 ¤ Season 6 of Lucifer is on the way. Bleeding Cool gave some insight into season six, episode titles, writers, and directors. Richard Speight, Jr. will be directing an episode titled 'Buckets of Baggage.'
¤ Don't forget that Rob Benedict will have a role as Vincent Le Mec in episode 5.2 of Lucifer. The dates for the season are not yet announced and updates have been posted.
¤ Kathryn Newton held a live-tweet, live Instagram watch for her new film, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things.
» Newton talked to SyFy on preparing for her role for TMOTPT.
» The Evening Standard had an exclusive interview with Kathryn Newton and her favorite places in London, UK.
» More exciting roles for Newton. She talked with Comicbook on playing Cassie Lang in the Marvel Universe.

KNewton twitter
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