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Show News
The show has finished but there's still tidbits of news coming out. This section will move in the coming weeks to make way for more cast projects and news.
§ Supernatural made the NY Times list of "The 50 Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now."
» Looking back at 'The Pilot,' can you get 100% on this quiz from What Culture? Screen Rant asked what are '10 Things' we may have forgotten from 'The Pilot.' (We didn't, did you)?

SPN 0756
'Dean' getting arrested in 'The Pilot'
§ Bernie Sanders' memes have been flooding social media since Inauguration Day. Did he manage to end up in Supernatural? Yes, yes he did. Thanks to Samantha Smith for sharing.
» And another....
Cast Projects Feature: Walker 
§  Premier day of Walker and Jared shared some BTS from the set.
» Gen and Jared took over The CW's Walker account on Instagram for some Q & A on the big day.
» Co-star Keegan Allen was interviewed by Reel Talker about his friendship with Jared Padalecki. Keegan portrays Cordell's brother, Liam, in the series. Interview below.
» The New York Post talked to co-star Lindsey Morgan about her role in Walker portraying the first female Texas Ranger, Micki Ramirez.
» Ratings are in for 'The Pilot' and Walker became the most watched CW premier in five years.
» Will Walker find a network in the United Kingdom? The Radio Times reported that Walker is yet to find a broadcaster in the UK but will update audiences as soon as there is news.
» Entertainment Tonight talked to Jared and Gen on working together again, an exclusive with Matt Cohen.
» For pictures and synopsis of 1.02, 'Back in the Saddle,' check out our pages
» So what did our writing staff think of 'The Pilot?' You can read Alice Jester's review and recap of the first episode.
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