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The Boys
§ The Daily Californian’s Arts Awards: Television of 2020 was held this past week.  The Boys won 'Best Drama' and Anthony Starr (Homelander) was runner up for 'Best Actor.'
» The Boys made it into top 20 'Best TV Shows of 2020' by Complex and top 10  'Best Drama TV Show of 2020' for TV LIne.
§ Jeremy Carver's Doom Patrol could be used to re-boot the DC Extended Universe on HBO

Doom Patrol logo
» More great news for Doom Patrol and international fansIt was revealed by Deadline that HBO may be looking to make original DC Comics-based content outside of the U.S.
§ Steve Yockey's The Flight Attendant was reviewed by Vanity Fair.
» Steve Yockey was interviewed by Decider about The Flight Attendant.
§ Writer Adam Glass was interviewed by AfterShock Comics.
§ Meghan Fitzmartin and Jeremy Adams were featured in DC Nation's: DC Future State as some of the new talent coming to the DC Universe.

§ Robbie Thompson will be participating in the virtual Comic Con Experience (CCXP) 2020 and discussing his DC comic book ventures. Jim Beaver will also be joining CCXP.
» More Robbie Thompson news for DC Comics
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