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The Boys
§ Looper did a series of articles about The Boys.
§ Robert Berens and some BTS on Kung Fu.
§ Pioneer Scoop gave us some updates on the storyline for Jeremy Carver's Doom Patrol, season 3.

Doom Patrol logo
§ Sera Gamble's You is currently in production for season 3. Cosmopolitan revealed everything we need to know before it hits Netflix in 2021.
Steven Yockey's Flight Attendant will be released on November 26. Entertainment Weekly spoke Kaley Cuoco about the new project.
§ Jay Gruska's virtual musical, Being Earnest, had dates extended due to popular demand.

being earnest
§ TV Addict published two articles on the BTS production, sets, wardrobe, and props. 
§ BTS with the production crew on Supernatural.
§ Eric Goldman shared the gift given by The CW - a piece of Baby. Goldman was a writer/editor for IGN and interviewed cast and crew in the early days.
§ Kevin Parks commented on how the final scene of the series was set up.

The final scene shot was the final scene of the series! I planned it that way as I was responsible for the shooting schedule. It was the best way to finish the series!! @SuperWiki @WinchesterBros @WinFamBusiness

— Kevin Parks (@SNkevinandjill) November 15, 2020 >
§ Mary Machin, part of the post- production team, shared the gift sent by the sound supervisor.
§ A fan, Julie Holden, captured some BTS filming from the last episode, "Inherit the Earth." Catch up on the Twitter thread.


Conventions, Concerts, and Cast Appearances
§ The Dark Light Convention took place last weekend and @SoundsofSeries live tweeted the panels. Catch up on all the panels with #DLCOnline.


§ Another Supernatural watch party!  The Friends of Random Acts NY will be having another watch party to benefit charity on November 21, 2020.
§ Buddy Healing Paws launched their auction early. Zoom meet ups for Supernatural cast members are up for grabs.
§ Supernatural cast members showcased the new merchandise available from Stands this past week. 
» Julie McNiven
 » Alaina Huffman 
» Ruth Connell
» Samantha Smith
» Alexander Calvert
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