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Cast Projects & News
We'll keep you up to date on Walker news as it comes.
Walker Promo Pic
§ Cast announcements! Deadline reported that Alex Landi will star in the reboot of Walker.
§ Many congratulations to Julian Richings! He won best actor at the Blood in the Snow Film Festival for his role as Dr. Henry Walsh in Anything for Jackson.

Blood in The Snow Award 
» Check out the trailer for Anything for Jackson, a holiday horror film released on 3 December.
 § Teryl Rothery stars in a new Christmas movie, Christmas With A Crown. The movie will be released on December 1, 2020. 
» Teryl celebrated a birthday this week (11 November). Happy Birthday!

s10e16 232
As Olivette in 10.16 "Paint it Black"
§ Sterling K. Brown will provide a voice-over in season 4 of the animated series, Big Mouth. 
§ Season 3 of The Orville begins filming very soon. Adrianne Palicki (Jess) stars as First Officer, Kelly Mercer.

The Orville
Image courtesy of Fox
§ Grey's Anatomy earned the Ruderman Family Foundation Seal of Authentic Representation for casting Shoshanna Stern (Eileen) as Dr Riley. 
§ Jim Beaver's short film, Blindfire, was featured in Fort Worth Weekly. The movie will be released digitally on November 20. The HDR Room has 5 digital codes up for grabs. Find out more to enter the contest (US and Canada only)!
§ Emily Swallow shared news about her role in Disgraced, which is available on Digital Stage
Interviews, Podcasts, and Videos
§ IGN interviewed Ruth Connell about her role as Rowena

Rowena in 15.03, "The Rupture"
§ Loretta Divine, who played Missouri Moseley, gave Looper an exclusive about her character, and death scene in Supernatural.

Divine as Missouri in 13.03, "Patience"
§ The Spoiler Country Podcast had Jim Beaver on the show this week. Catch up on the podcast.

SCPod Jim Beaver Wide Art
 » Spectrum Culture Podcast caught up with Jim Beaver to talk more Supernatural and his acting career. ↓
§ The Spoiler Country Podcast  also had Sebastian Roche on the show this week. Catch up on the podcast.

SCPod Sebastian Roche Wide Art
§ Nerd Alert News spoke to Lisa Berry about Supernatural, her career, and the SPN fandom.

LisaBerry Death
§ Osric Chau will be opening his new restaurant, Saolo, in Vancouver B.C. 

Saola 01
Image courtesy of Scout Vancouver
§ Kathryn Newton was interviewed by Syfy about getting into character for her role in Freaky. 

Image courtesy of Blumhouse Productions
» Kathryn Newton is known for her sense of fashion and style. She was interviewed by Fashionista about shopping.
» More with Kathryn Newton.
» Kathryn Newton spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about her new movie, Freaky, and the demise of the series, The Society
§ The Hollywood Reporter TV's Top 5 Podcast had CEO Mark Pedowitz talking about the farewell to Supernatural, and what the show has meant to The CW.
§ You can find The WFB's collection of interviews on our News and Spoiler pages.
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