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Show News
§ Are we ready? Don from the sound crew gets us started for the final, 7 episode ride. 
§ A number of interviews came out this week on the cast's reactions to filming the series finale. All have been assembled by The WFB in 'Interviews and More on the Final Episodes of Supernatural'.
§ Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles talked about the show's final seven episodes with Brian Truitt of USA Today.
§ Variety talked to Jared and Jensen about the final scenes of Supernatural, moving to their new shows, Walker, and The Boys.
§ Jared and Jensen on Entertainment Tonight.
§ Jared and Jensen joined Chelsey Davis from ABC for more talks about the final seven episodes.
§ More news with Jared and Jensen about ‘The Last Holiday’ and the unproduced ‘Naked Gun’ episodes of Supernatural
§ Dabb talked to EW about the upcoming showdown with God (Chuck) and Jack's role. (No spoilers in this article)

15 13 HLC 0093 Jack Death
Alexander Calvert as 'Jack' in 15.13, 'Destiny's Child'
§ Keslow Camera celebrated airing of the final episodes on Instagram, with a photo of Brad Creasser and Jensen Ackles.
§ Misha Collins set up a live Zoom watch party with the cast of Supernatural for 15.14 'The Last Holiday.'
§ The SPN Family in the United Kingdom will be delighted to hear that season 15 of Supernatural has been picked up by 4Music.  TV Guide (UK) reported the final series will air October 23 at 10.00 GMT.  

S15 Title Card Red
§ Hollywood North Buzz shared a local spot where Harrington's Diner was located for 14.15 'Peace of Mind'.
§ Vote for Jared or Jensen (or both) for the 'Sexiest Small Screen Star' via People. and keep voting everyday for Supernatural as The SciFiFantasy Show in the Entertainment Weekly People's Choice Awards! 

EW Final photo shoot j2 wet by Peggy Sirota
§ Featurette Videos for season 15 (mild spoilers), the trailer for episode 15.15 , and all of the spoiler information released so far on season 15 can be found on The WFB Spoiler Page


Cast Projects & News
§ Jared got his hair cut in preparation for CW's reboot of Walker.
§ The re-branded trailer for The Buddy Games was released this week. Jensen Ackles makes a brief appearance in the film.

Image Courtesy of NickSwardson’s Instagram
§ We got a great photo of Jensen, courtesy of Bollinger Motors. 
§ Wait for it.....Jensen spotted driving Baby at the Family Business Beer Company!
§ Jensen and Danneel announced they have formed a production company, Chaos Machine Productions, and signed an overall deal with Warner Bros. We'll keep you posted on any updates of the work they will be doing with WB.
§ Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will air on TCW in November. Catch Jared Padalecki, as an older 'Dean', in the four-episode follow up to the hit series.
§ Walker showrunner, Anna Fricke, talked with Variety about the reboot, starring Jared Padalecki. She previewed what themes will arise in the show, rewriting after COVID lockdowns, and what we can expect from the reboot.

Walker Promo Pic

§ This week was the world premier of the film Vicious Fun, with Julian Richings. Richings plays Fritz in the indie-horror thriller.
§ Sterling K. Brown will join The West Wing staged reading as "Leo".


§ Rob Benedict announced via Instagram he is working on a new project for Netflix. 
§ Amanda Tapping will appear on season 2 of David Oultons Talk Show.

amanda tapping 

§ James Marsters talked with the author of The Dresden Files, Jim Butcher.

§ Demore Barnes (Donnie Finnerman/Raphael)  will be a series regular for season 22 of Law & Order: SVU.

Denmore Barnes

§ Felicia Day will be joining The Guild for a game night.
§ Voyage to the Stars #2 comic was released this week. Felicia Day is the writer and producer of the podcast series.
§ The Gamer reported Julie McNiven (Anna) will be joining members of Stargate cast to play the Stargate SG-1 RPG game on October 18.

Image Courtesy of MGM
§ Katherine Ramdeen has set up an 'Only Fans' listing.
Interviews, Podcasts, and Videos
§ Jake Abel talked to Actors For Autism about acting, film, and superheroes. See the full interview below. ↓
§ Emily Swallow joined The Interesting Podcast and talked Supernatural, The Mandalorian, and more. ↓
§ Hansi Oppenheimer talked with Curtis Armstrong (Metatron).
§ Don't forget! A number of interviews came out this week on the cast's reactions to filming the series finale. All have been assembled by WFB in 'Interviews and More on the Final Episodes of Supernatural'.
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