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Catching Up With Current and Former BTS Personnel
 Season two of Jeremy Carver's Doom Patrol is coming to HBO Max next month.
 Sera Gamble continues to interview other writers during the COVID Shelter in Place
Sera will also be participating in the ATX Virtual Festival.

Want BTS info on Supernatural? Jim Michaels  is now on Cameo.

Show Tidbits
 Unsurprisingly, Supernatural is one of the The Best Supernatural Shows to Binge-Watch Right Now
Conventions, Cast Appearances and Fandom
Winchester Wenches talked with Lynn Zubernis's new book There'll Be Peace When You Are Done.
 The Winchester Wenches’s Podcast header image 1
Con-Tinual Fandom also interviewed Lynn here.

Watch the Virtual Launch Party with the Supernatural cast and fans who wrote chapters, and get The Full Details on There'll Be Peace When You Are Done! The WFB's Alice Jester also wrote a special Congratulations Tribute to Lynn Zubernis on her contributions to the Supernatural Family. 

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