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Supernatural in the news this week.
Catching Up with Current and Former Cast Members
Other Projects
 osric chau
briana buckmaster  Louden Swain
 Alaina Huffman (Amara/The Darkness) is joined by Jenny Klein and Nicole Baer in the new film The Vagabond.
 Gil McKinney (Henry Winchester) will be joined by Emily Swallow and Jason Mans on his Christmas album.
Emily Swallow   Gil McKinney
Rob Benedict continues to watch The Bachelor.
GISH has opened a shop!
Alaina Huffman has a new charity campaign.
Daneel Ackles is helping raise money for the victims of Hurrican Florence in North Carolina.
Alexander Calvert (Jack) took part in a charity soccer game
Jared Padaleckie and Sterling K. Brown are both on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.
 Louden Swain
kathryn newton
We have some background on the new Hillywood Supernatural Parody.
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