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Supernatural in the news this week.
Catching Up With Current and Former Cast Members
MovieTechTVGeeks caught up with last week's guest satr
brendan taylor original officer doug jones
Jordan Claire Robbins who played Jamie Plum was interviewed in several outlets this week.
 Nerd Alert News interviewed Actress Elise Gatien chats fun on set of ‘Supernatural’ who played her sister Jenny Plum
 The publication also interviewed Mike Kovac who played their victim Dale.  Get to know actor, writer, producer, and all-around badass Mike Kovac
Ruth Connell, who plays Rowena, the witch who literally never says die was interviewed on her return to Supernatural.
Ruth Connell
 Rick Springfield (Lucifer/Vince Vincente) was on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Rick was also interviewed on Jonesey's Jukebox
Tahmoh Penikett was interviewed by CBC Yukon on his participation in Canada Reads. Tahmoh is defending American War by Omar El Akkad
tahmoh penikett
Canada Reads is a "literary Survivor," with celebrities championing books. Books are  voted "off the bookshelf," one each day, until one book is chosen as the title the whole country should read this year. ...
The debates take place March 26-29, 2018. If you'd like to attend the debates, you can reserve your tickets here.
 rachel miner
 Other Projects
Lauren Cohan (Bella Talbot) is very popular this pilot season Lauren Cohan Fielding Slew Of Pilot Offers – Is She Done With ‘The Walking Dead’?
Lauren Cohan
 It will be a Roadhouse reunion as Samantha Ferris (Ellen Harvelle) appears in Chad Lindberg's (Ash) new series
 shoshannah stern
 You can now see Tahmoh Penikett's (Gadreel) new series Altered Carbon
 tahmoh penikett
 Theo Devany (Gavin McLeod) is in a new play
 theo devaney
Nerds and Beyond  talked to Rachel and Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester) about Samantha Smith’s “RISE” Campaign
 Misha Collins continues to work for education in Nicaragua Donors and Stars Open the Free High School for Adults 2018Donors and Stars Open the Free High School for Adults 2018 Thanks to SpnUK for the tip.
 Congratulations to Osric Chau
SuperWiki gave us the heads up that Jim Beaver has been nominated for an Indie Series Award.
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