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Supernatural in the news this week.
Catching Up With Current and Former Cast Members
Jim Beaver
Mark Sheppard (Crowley) was interviewed by the Disposable Heroes. Episode 11 - Mark Sheppard (Robyn Hitchcock) Part 1
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Alexander Calvert
 how supernatural jared padalecki uses his celebrity 2017 images
 Other Projects
 Tim Omundson
 Shoshanna Stern's (Eileen Leahy) series This Close is going to  Sundance!
 shoshannah stern
We also have a premier date for the series
Shoshannah has a role in the series Another Period
Here's the trailer
sebastian supernatural s06e22 60 
 See the trailer for Tahmoh Penikett's (Gadreel) new series Altered Carbon.
 tahmoh penikett
 Jim Beaver and Ruth Connell (Rowena) are offering their time to support The Blank Theatre.
The Blank Theatre is committed to the enrichment of Hollywood’s cultural life through production of first-rate theatre, education of current and future artists, and creation of groundbreaking new works for the theatrical repertoire.
 You can bid for a dinner with Jim here and for one with Ruth here.
 Rachel Miner (Meg #2) will be participating in the Child’s Play 2017 Dinner Auction
 rachel miner
  In the last 14 years, Child’s Play has raised over $44 million dollars to improve the lives of children in pediatric hospitals and other child welfare facilities through the kindness and generosity of the video game community and the power of play. In the last year, we have added 13 new partner hospitals and awarded over 40 grants to facilities. Join us for an elegant night to celebrate the giving of the gaming community. 100% of the money raised at the Child’s Play Dinner Auction goes to support our hospital and domestic violence shelter programs.
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