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Superntural in the news this week.
The Winchester Family Business staff is excited to announce that “Bits and Pieces” will have a whole new look starting next week! We’ve collaborated with one of SPNFamily’s talented photographers, @Mamaprior, to design an attractive new banner for our weekly news recap! To coincide with the new banner, we’d like to rename your weekly source for Supernatural news!  Can you believe the first issue of “Bits and Pieces” was published on March 9, 2015? It’s changed and grown so much from its debut two and a half years ago! It now includes new roles and charity projects for cast and staff, music concerts and conventions around the world, media mentions for the show and so much more! So we’re running a contest for the best new name! The name should be relatively short to fit on the banner, witty, reflect the contents of the news brief and include the words “Supernatural” or “SPNFamily” (or similar). The winner of the contest will receive a print of Lilah Kane’s “Team Free Will” poster! Entries will be judged by The WFB administrators. Leave your entries in the comments to this edition. If none of the new names are better than “Bits and Pieces” we’ll keep that name and assume you like it the way it is but we have faith in your creativity! Good Luck!”
Catching Up With Current and Former Cast Members
Curtis Armstrong (Metatron) continues to hit the interview circuit
Curtis Armstrong
Kathryn Newton (Claire Novak) tells us WhoWhatWhere her Rules to a Good Fashion Instagram
kathryn newton
 Indulge talked to Jared Padalecki in All good things come to an end.
Other Projects
Amy Gumenick (Young Mary) has a new role
 Adrianne Palicki (Jess) got good news this week
 Mitch Pileggi's (Grandpa Campbell) new film Polaroid has release information.
mitch pileggi 
 Ty Olsson's (Benny Lafitte) film Juggernaut will be in the Whistler Film Festival
 Ty Olsson
 Sebastian Roché (Balthazar) has a new role
sebastian supernatural s06e22 60 
 Lauren Tom (Linda Tran) was able to use some special props in her show Andi Mack
 Lauren tom
 Her onscreen son Osric Chau (Kevin Tran) VLogged on episode of Dirk Gently
osric chau
 Kendrick Sampson's (Max Banes) series Relationship Status returns for season 2 on Go90
 Kendrick Sampson
David Haydn-Jones (Mr. Ketch) has a new Hallmark movie coming
 You can see Richard Speight, Jr. (The Trickster/Gabriel) and Kim Rhodes (Jody Mills) in the Behind the Scenes Video of the Hillywood Show parody of Stranger Things.
 RichardSpeightJr Kim Rhodes
 Charity Work
jeffrey Dean Morgan
Chad Lindberg (Ash) is doing a show for the Lost Limbs Foundation
chad lindberg
 Odyssey reported Supernatural Stars Blow Mental Health Stigma Out Of The Water. (Thanks to SpnUk for the tip.) In response, Attitudes in Reverse tweeted.
Rick Springfield (Lucifer/Vince Vincente) has a new merchandising partner.
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