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After I made the first articles "Top 10 Supernatural Opening Sequences: TV Show Overlay Videos - Part 1" and Part 2 , I found many more  Supernatural introduction videos! Those first two articles showcased videos that introduced Supernatural with the style of other shows, but how about fans' original intros for specific Supernatural seasons or even episodes? What I found is pretty awesome. There is not that much writing in this article but there sure is a lot of eye candy to watch, so grab a coffee cup or a bowl of ice cream because there is lot to see! All of the videos are fairly short but so are the opening credits usually.

Supernatural Season Intros

Supernatural - Season 1-5 opening credits made by: ds7c

Supernatural - Season 1-4 Opening Credits made by: Reixelon

Supernatural - Season 6 and 9 Opening Credits made by: sarahkhidhir

Supernatural - Season 9-10 Opening Credits made by: DreamerStelmax

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