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Supernatural in the news this week.

The Supernatural family lost a member. Our deepest condolences go out to Gil McKinney on the loss of his father.

On a happier note, we are gaining a new member of the family. Mark Sheppard had to cancel his appearance at HouCon to go to welcome his new baby.


Thanks to the amazing efforts of the #SPN crew, Phil, Serge and my wonderful cast mates, I'm on my way home. #Babysheppard

Posted by Mark Sheppard on Friday, February 12, 2016

Comic Book Resources tells us  "Arrow" Brings Back Amy Gumenick as Cupid .

reports The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan to guest-star on The Mindy Project.

Fangasm talked with Supernatural’s Shoshannah Stern On Playing A Badass — And Fun with Jared and Jensen! .

SPNUK continues their Women of Supernatural Interviews - Katherine Ramdeen .

Sera Gamble's new series The Magicians has been renewed. Story is  TVAddict , Deadline , The Hollywood Reporter and TVLine . Slashfilm posted ‘The Magicians’ Showrunner Sera Gamble on the Rules of Magic .

Jeffrey Dean Morgan's shows are in the news. His turn as Neegan starts this week on The Walking Dead. See the first four minutes. Lauren Cohan also stars.

Jeff will be losing his role on The Good Wife now that the show has been cancelled . See also the article at Deadline .

Kim Rhodes will be on our screens this week in Colony . Curtis Armstrong is making a return to Major Crimes when it kicks off its season on Monday.

Willfull Pictures is running a series on How Shakespeare Changed My Life (HSCML) Here's the first part of an interview with Jim Beaver.

Get to know Emily Swallow better in this interview.


Jeremy Carver's new project Frequency continues to pick up steam. Nashville's Riley Smith Joins Frequency; CW Reboot From Supernatural Boss. and The CW’s ‘Frequency’ Reboot Casts Its Lead .

We have a new director for episode 19 and he has some great experience

PopSugar gives us 36 Epic Faces From Jensen Ackles .

Speaking of Jensen read all about the new You Are Not Alone campaign that he and Misha Collins have started. Our guys keep on giving back.

TVOvermind wrote Supernatural: Jared Padalecki Is Open about His Anxiety Issues . Of course, we were all delighted to hear that Jared has signed on to the Gilmore Girls revival to reprise his role as Dean Forrester. That news trended on Facebook.

Last week's look at Jody and the girls prompted response accross the Internet. TVLine asked Did Supernatural Find Its Spinoff? . Blaster said Supernatural's latest episode should be its next back-door pilot . BuddyTV told us Why It's Time to See More Female Characters on 'Supernatural' . MoviePilot listed Supernatural : Male VS. Female body Count .

Eric Kripke reveals

The Volante uses Supernatural as their way to discuss The Art of Binge Watching .

Supernatural made several best of lists this week. Baby won Canadagraphs Best Of TV Awards 2015 - WINNER - Best Non-Human Character or Prop. Castiel and Dean made EW's list of 30 Best TV Bromances/Gal Pals30 Best TV Bromances/Gal Pals.They also were part of Carter Matt's Top Dream Couples. Bloody Valentine made Buddy TV's list of The 12 Most Awkward Valentine's Day Episodes EverThe 12 Most Awkward Valentine's Day Episodes Ever. EW announced that our fandom was a winner as Supernatural dominates EW's Fanuary bracket with most votes. MoviePilot explained Why Supernatural Has One of the Biggest Fanbases in TV History.

TVJunkies recounts Supernatural: The Suit Evolution of Sam and Dean. lists 14 Times Crowley Was The Comedic Relief We Needed On ‘Supernatural’.

BuddyTV picked their Best 'Supernatural' Quotes from ‘Love Hurts’.


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