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So, Christmas time is here and I know what you're thinking: What in the world can I get the ghost of my great grandmother, vampire neighbor, or the DarknessTM to unwrap on that magical morning? Maybe you celebrate Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa or have another holiday tradition that involves exchanging gifts with the little monsters known as friends, family and neighbors?

Well fear not!  I'm here to...

*offscreen whispering*

Oh, I seem to have misunderstood.  Apparently I am being asked give advice on holiday gifts related to the TELEVISION SHOW Supernatural.  Drat, and I had such a nice duvet picked out for that special crocotta in your life...

You kids nowadays are spoiled.  I remember when the show first started and we couldn't get anything!  The most we had merchandise-wise was some toast burned to kind of sort of look like Jensen put up on ebay.  There was a time when we had to spend 3 years without any Castiel!  Now it's all...

*more offscreen whispering*

Right, getting back on track.  The following gift ideas are some of the most popular collectibles, jewelry, clothing, books and websites that either have a Supernatural theme or are made by Supernatural Family. All the gift ideas are highlighted in green. If the item is available on Amazon, we provided a BIG hot link button directly to the Amazon page. IMPORTANT: You may have to disable your ad blocker to see the button**! Besides being a convenient link, these buttons feature pictures of the adorable items so you can see what they all look like! If the item is not sold on Amazon, the green description is a hot link directly to the page.

Officially Licensed Supernatural Gifts

First up, there's OFFICIALLY licensed merch for your holiday gift giving. 

As always, you can begin with ALL the goodies the official Creation Entertainment site has for the show:

According to their promotion, they offer:
Great Supernatural merchandise - new T-shirts, posters, and character calendars, much of which is designed by incredible fan artists! We partner with many of the actors and feature them on "Actor Pages" where we promote their favorite charity, their selected merchandise, as well as any personal projects or campaigns that are important to them. And you can feel good when you shop! A portion of the sale of EVERY item goes to support the charities that our stars and fans are most passionate about.

But what if you're wanting a little something more... 3D?  Well there's always the MANY Funko Pop! style figures.  You've got:
  • Dean
  • Sam
  • Castiel
  • Crowley
  • and Charlie
  • As well as variations like bloodsplattered metallic   or FBI suit   or Misha Collins .

If you want something a bit smaller, and enjoy the hunt itself, Funko has mystery minis where you don't know which SPN figure you're getting (note: I'm still trying to get a leviathan).


If you've just got to have them always with you, the boys also come in keychain form.

If your SPN fan needs something for their tree, these adorable string dolls  are almost perfect ornaments.  

You can get Dean, FBI Dean, FBI Sam, Cas, Bobby, and Charlie to keep your Christmas ghost free.

If your SPN fan is like me and really loves the sexiest member of the family, Greenlight Hollywood has produced a whole line of replicas of that sweet, sweet Impala. (make sure you get both license plates!)


You can also pick up some of the lesser known cars like the Sioux falls sheriff's car  or even the alt-universe version of Baby: '67 Mustang .


More seem to release quite regularly so just check around for "supernatural car."  (and yes, Baby is also on a keychain)

Maybe your SPN fan wants to prove him or herself a hunter!  Well there's a LOT of SPN jewelry out there, ranging from the amulet to bracelets or watches .

"But Nate!" I hear you say, "How can you possibly hear me through your computer monitor right now?"  A long story involving a pineapple and gypsy lady, but that's not relevant right now.  "Oh.  Well I'm a Supernatural fan too!  Isn't there someway I can give a gift and enjoy it too?"  Why yes you can!

We've got two old fashioned board games fit now with a Supernatural skin.  End ties to your friends and family with SPN Monopoly or start quoting the show at each other while playing SPN Clue). (that's what I'll be doing if you ever play me... do love that board)  Or if y'all miss grandma that much, see if she can say hi by using the SPN Ouija board (our lawyers require me to say that Winchester Family Business is not responsible for any hauntings or possessions that might result - if we have to come fix you, best be providing us some pie for the trouble). 

Cryptozoic is supposed to be releasing SPN themed playing cards any day now as well, but no confirmed word yet if they'll be out in time for Christmas.  Until then, you can pick up trading cards they've done for seasons 1-3 or seasons 4-6 (some cards include autographs and even pieces of wardrobe).

If your SPN fan is a bit more of the solitude type, don't forget that there's a LOT of books out there.  From behind-the-scenes & episode guides for 1-7 to "additional adventures " taking place between episodes.  My personal pick is anything by Keith R. A. DeCandido or "the Roads Not Taken" a choose-your-own-adventure style book that's actually pretty awesome in its execution.  If you need the ultimate coffee table book (emphasis on ultimate) there's the Essential Supernatural.  I have a copy I still haven't finished (mostly because it has so much awesome in it looking inside is like staring at the sun).

"But Nate," I hear your friend asking, "the fan I'm buying for already HAS all that, that's how I know they're a fan!"  To which I say, GOODY! I love a challenge!  Let's dig up some lesser known gifts...


debbie bills
# debbie bills 2015-11-27 12:48
Another few fantastic gifts I`m currently selling a signed script (by both Jensen and Jared), a misha collins signed prison sign from Folshom prison blues and a crew only t-shirt from the imapalas world tour on ebay
Check under the name spacekidsdebbie
# MURILLO 2016-01-21 05:03
This is a very unique gift giving guide indeed. Never thought about giving someone a supernatural gifts. However after reading this post I've learned a lot about this interesting holiday gift items. Thanks for a nice contribution. :)