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Do you like shows that make you feel all sorts of emotions all at once? Do you want to laugh, cry and get creeped out at the same time? Supernatural can make you laugh, extremely happy and feel like your heart is getting ripped out of your chest all in just one episode. It can hurt, make you cry, and make you scream. I love this show. They are entering their 11th season and I cannot wait until I’m caught up and able to watch it.

I made a list of my favorite episodes from seasons 1 to 8.  I picked one episode per season. These shows in my opinion are the best one from each season.


1.               Season 1 Episode 1: “Pilot”

Summary: This episode starts out by showing the tragedy that their mom went through. Azazel pins Sam and Dean’s mom onto the ceiling and sets her on fire. Many years later, Sam is with his fiancé at the time. Dean breaks into their house but Sam doesn’t recognize him and tries to attack him. Dean pins Sam down and laughs, then explains to Sam that their dad went on a “hunting trip” and hasn’t been back in a few days. Sam agrees to go look for their dad as long as he gets back by Monday. Dean and Sam have been raised in a family full of monster hunters. When their mom was young she was a hunter, her dad was a hunter, and then their dad became a hunter. So Dean and Sam also became hunters. Sam left the family business when he turned 18 to go to college. Dean stayed in the family business. A few years after Sam leaves is when Dean talks Sam into going on a hunt to find their dad, but Sam didn’t get back on Monday. He ends up staying with Dean and continued the hunt to find their dad.

2.02 Too Precious

2. Season 2 Episode 2: “Everybody Loves A Clown”

Summary: In this episode they have John’s phone. A message from a girl leads them to a case at a carnival. There are 2 clowns that only children can see. They stalk little kids and convince them to let them into their house, then the clowns kill their parents. Sam and Dean hear about the case and go to check it out. It turns out that a skin walker was doing the killing. The skin walker was the owner of the carnival. Sam and Dean pretended to want to join the carnival. When they found it, the skin walker tried to attack and kill the boys.

Why I like it: This show was one of my favorites because it was really creepy and it was so good. It was also in the first 3 to 4 seasons when Sam and Dean were actually happy. It was also one of those episodes that was just unique. Not many other shows have episodes as odd as the ones on Supernatural. I love the creativeness and the effort of the episodes.

Dean Pose

            3. Season 3 Episode 8: “A Very Supernatural Christmas”

Summary: In this episode, Sam and Dean find out that this lady selling interesting Christmas wreaths and her husband were pagan gods that were getting ready for their feeding ritual. The gods trap the boys and then tie them up and wait to kill them, but they escape. They try to stay low so that they can kill the gods but then the gods attack them. Sam and Dean escape safely and kill the gods. The boys eventually go back to the hotel. Sam disappears but came back with presents for Dean. It turns out that Dean had brought presents for Sam as well. They finally learned the spirit of Christmas and celebrated it together.

Why I like it: I love this episode because at the end of the day the boys were able to come together and open presents as a family even though they were the only family that they had. It was such a cute episode. Dean gets Sam to finally realise what Christmas is really about. Growing up they never were able to celebrate Christmas the right way and Sam kind of resented Christmas for that reason. At the end of that day, I love how Sam listened to Dean and gave Christmas a shot and actually liked it. I love the cuteness of this episode. No matter what happens, the boys always have each other in the end.

vlcsnap 00050

4. Season 4 Episode 6: “Yellow Fever”

Summary:  In this episode the boys cover a case in Colorado. The people there are suddenly dying of a fatal heart attack. Their loved ones reported them having sudden severe paranoia before the heart attack. Sam and Dean find out that it is something called “Ghost Sickness” and it causes paranoia and then a sudden heart attack. Dean catches the ghost sickness from whatever supernatural presence is causing all of this and he becomes scared of absolutely everything. He is unable to hunt this thing down with Sammy because of how scared he is. He screams bloody murder over a kitty, and he made Sammy change their hotel room because it was on the 4th floor and the 4th floor was way too high for Dean. They end up finding a cure for the sickness and they hunt down and kill whatever was haunting the town. Sam and Dean did their job and saved people in the process. Saving people, hunting things.

Why I Like It: I really like this episode because it has a lot of humor in it, it’s really creative and it shows that the boys were still happy in these earlier seasons. This episode has the funny factor, the scare factor, and a little bit of sadness mixed all together.

5.08 Herpes

5. Season 5 Episode 8: “Changing Channels”.

Summary: Sam and Dean meet up with the Archangel Gabriel, or “The Trickster”, where Gabriel is trying to get them to play their “roles” by sending them through a bunch of different parodies. He kills Dean off many, many times until they learn to play their roles. The boys do not know that this is Gabriel yet. They only know him as the Trickster. He later gives out his true identity in one of the later seasons. The boys end up figuring out that it’s Gabriel doing all of this. They try to find ways to kill or defeat him. They end up playing their roles and Gabriel eventually lets them out of all of the mess and threatens to come back if they start to get out of line again.

Why I Like It: It's one of my favorite episodes because it is such a creative episode and it’s so much fun. It’s back in the first 5 to 6 seasons when the boys were still happy and had only 2 focuses, finding dad and hunting monsters.

6.15 Names

6. Season 6 Episode 15: “The French Mistake”.

Summary: In this episode, the boys get sent into an alternate universe where they are Jensen and Jared who act as Sam and Dean in a show called Supernatural. So the boys are extremely confused at this point. They still know and think that the world of Supernatural is real but in this alternate world it’s just a show. Fake sets, fake weapons, fake everything. The boys are in a universe where they are Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki acting as Sam and Dean. So it's Sam and Dean having to act as Jensen and Jared who are acting like Sam and Dean. They go out to try to find the monster that they accidentally got sent to that universe with because he is out causing problems in this universe as well as their own. The producers of the show get mad and try to keep them on the set, but they go out and look for the guy. They end up finding him on the set and they go to fight him. The boys don’t understand that you can’t actually fight in a TV setting like that. They try to kill the monster and the boys get separated from the guy and they get yelled at. They eventually find a spell to send them back to their world. They find the monster and send themselves back to their world with the monster and then kill him when they get back. Then a bunch of good stuff happens and then it all goes to crap again.  

Why I Like It: I love this episode because it has a lot of humor in it. They had a lot of fun making the episode and it was just a hilarious episode.They were Sam and Dean acting as Jensen and Jared who are supposed to be acting as Sam and Dean. Sam and Dean just have a lot of hilarious unfortunate events and it's just a creative and humorous episode.


7. Season 7 Episode 14: Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie

Summary: In this episode Sam and Dean are stumped because personal fears are beginning to come true at this creepy playhouse for children. Killer clowns, giant robots, land sharks etc. Sam and Dean find out that a witch of some sort is having children draw their biggest fear as a “psychological therapy test” but he ends up doing spells to make all of that come true. He kills a lot of people by doing this. The boys end up cracking down on the case and they kill the witch that was responsible.

Why I like it: This episode was so cute because of the way Dean’s brotherliness comes out when this little boy was sitting by himself all lonely. Also how Dean’s inner child comes out in this little kid’s playhouse when he saw a giant rainbow slinky. The writers of this episode made it all cute and made the boys happy.


            8. Season 8 Episode 11: “Larp and the Real Girl”

            Summary: In this episode Sam and Dean go to find this girl that they saved from Leviathans. Her name is Charlie. Finally they track her down and find out that she is the queen of this fake, magical medieval town. The boys go to talk to her and get caught up in this town. The townspeople think that they are larpers for a different fan base because they are dressed as Federal Agents, but they are just trying to find Charlie.  Eventually they get to her. She tries to pretend that she doesn’t know who they are because of what happened to her when they saved her. After finding a case in the town in which her little fake town is located, they try to get her to help him but first they dress up like the townspeople and they act like they are a part of the town. After they have some fun, they find the thing responsible for all of the weird supernatural occurrences.

            Why I like it: I love how the writers showed Charlie’s true nerd by making her the queen of a larping town. It's so cute seeing her so happy. I love how unique the episode is and the way they solve the case. It's so adorable seeing Dean and Sam so happy again in this episode considering all the crap that has happened to them so far.