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Everyone enjoy your hiatus?  Good, because it's time to continue to drama!  We get to find out what happened to Abby and naturally the impact it has on everyone.  After all, this is a family drama.  

Here is the synopsis for Episode 3.08, titled "Cry Uncle":

FAMILY FIRST – In the aftermath of the Walker’s dramatic Thanksgiving dinner with Abeline’s (Molly Hagan) traumatic hospitalization, the family rings in the new year with members of the Walker family resolving to make better choices across the board. While Cordell (Jared Padalecki) throws himself into family matters, Cassie (Ashley Reyes) pulls Trey (Jeff Pierre) into a case tracking down an elusive tech mogul. But Cassie gets the sense she’s in hot water with Captain James (Coby Bell).  Also starring Mitch Pileggi, Keegan Allen, Violet Brinson and Kale Culley.  Aaron Carew wrote the episode directed by Lauren Petzke. (#308).  Original airdate 1/12/2023.

There are 7 preview photos that don't share much, but Cassie and Trey are rocking it in their white hats!  

WLK308a 0023r2
WLK308a 0569r
WLK308a 0646r
WLK308b 0032r
WLK308b 0045r
WLK308b 0068r
WLK308b 0376r

There's also the preview clip courtesy of The CW.  It's also short!

So, excited that Walker is back?  Share in the comments, or come back here after the episode and give us your reaction.   Have you seen the WFB reviews and other articles on Walker?  Catch up on The WFB's Walker Page!