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(Photo of Jared and Jensen courtesy of @FangasmSPN).

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!  We all know what that means in the "Supernatural" convention world.  J2 day!  Yes, Jared and Jensen arrive and take the convention by storm, melting fan girl (and boy too) hearts everywhere.  

Bardicvoice was there to see it all and she continued day three of tweeting the action as it happened on behalf of the Winchester Family Business.    Below are those tweets of not just the Jared and Jensen panel, but Ruth Connell's as well (this time with a little help from her "feathers" pal Misha Collins).  The SPN Fandom documentary also had a special trailer screening before the J's took the stage and it was a big hit.  Also, as a bonus, we have the tweets from Lynn at @FangasmSPN for the Gold members panel, which took place early in the morning.   

A HUGE thanks to Bardicvoice for being our eyes and ears at Vancon this year and sharing her experiences so well with us. 

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# LEAH 2015-09-01 14:31

Thank you so much for the tweets from all 3 days. All your work is much appreciated as I suspect it must be a challenge to listen and tweet simultaneously. You must be missing things so that you can share with us. I am grateful.