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(Photo of Misha Collins courtesy of @FangasmSPN).

Saturday at Vancon.  Just like any other con, this is the day where serious s*** happens.  Mark Sheppard is in the house as well as a number of other illustrious guests, and then it all closes with the always interesting grossly amusing Misha Collins.  

Lucky for us, Bardicvoice is there all weekend to share all the crazy details for us.  We were very fortunate yesterday to let her take control of the Winchester Family Business twitter account, so that's why you see the @WinFamBusiness moniker to all the tweets for Saturday (and will be for Sunday too).  

Guests that held panels on Saturday were as follows:

Ruth Connell (Rowena)

Theo Devaney (Gavin McLeod, aka son of Crowley, aka Prince of Hell)

Osric Chau (Kevin Tran) and Gil McKinney (Henry Winchester)

Mark Sheppard (Crowley)

Richard Speight Jr. (You've got to know he's the Trickster/Gabriel by now, right?  You do know how many of these cons he's done, right?), Rob Benedict (Chuck Shurley/Carver Edlund/Supposed God), and Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester)

Misha Collins (Castiel/Jimmy, and I could list the Leviathan and Emmanuel, but I'd prefer not)

There was also the must see Saturday Night Special headlined by Louden Swain and all the guests (whenever Gil McKinney sings we melt), but Bardicvoice actually did miss that (we told you Mary it was must see!).  Check @FangasmSPN for the details.  Okay, I do have once priceless thing you need to see.  Jensen Ackles actually appeared and sang a song!  Here's a snippet:

Here's the full performance!

We also give thanks to @FangasmSPN, @SPNUK, @AtStakeMagazine, @dragonlit, and @SpnMaisieDaisy for also providing a few tweets in this Storify collective that were favorites of Bardicvoice.

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Without further delay, we present Bardicvoice's (as @WinFamBusiness) tweets from Saturday!

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