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"The trickster's function is to break taboos, create mischief, stir things up. In the end, the trickster gives people what they really want, some sort of freedom.” ― Tom Robbins

When I started these articles, I really wanted to make one about Gabriel but I never thought I would have the chance. Like really, REALLY have a chance with him playing Gabriel again in the new seasons. But I should have known this is Supernatural we are talking about so Lo and Behold we got him back in season 13 in all his glory. So this article is about his former “Trickster” alias and also his real self as Gabriel.

What he went through was pretty sad. Sam, Dean and Castiel can really relate. The trauma must have changed him even though he thinks he is fine. Here are the episodes he has been in.

Archangel Gabriel "Trickster"

As The Trickster:

2.15 Tall Tales
3.11 Mystery Spot

As Gabriel:

5.08 Changing Channels
5.19 Hammer of the Gods
9.18 Meta Fiction
13.13 Devil's Bargain
13.17 The Thing
13.18 Bring 'em Back Alive
13.20 Unfinished Business
13.21 Beat the Devil
13.22 Exodus

Enjoy the videos!

Gabriel - Wanted Man by: novaddict

[Supernatural] Gabriel - Watch me now by: Charleric

I'm a Wanted Man Down by Royal Deluxe

They didn't know it when they turned me loose
I shot the sheriff and I slipped the noose

The law ain't never been a friend of mine
I would kill again to keep from doing time
You should never ever trust my kind

I'm a wanted man
I got blood on my hands
Do you understand?
I'm a wanted man

I took the pistol and I shot out all the lights
I started running in the middle of the night

The law ain't never been a friend of mine
I would kill again to keep from doing time
You should never ever trust my kind

I'm a wanted man
I got blood on my hands
Do you understand?
I'm a wanted man

If you ask me to change
I don't know if I can
I'll always be who I am

I'm a wanted man
I got blood on my hands
Do you understand?
I'm a wanted man

Royal Deluxe is collaboration between national touring artist Tyrone Wells and Sam Getz and Jimmy Weaver of the band Welshly Arms. The self-titled debut EP from Royal Deluxe brings you seven songs that are packed full of retro soul, gritty vocals, and powerful throwback hooks. Royal Deluxe is defined by its crunchy guitars, deep pocket drum grooves, funky horns, and raspy James Brown-esque vocals.


Castiel: It's his story. Starts with his death. Or... what appeared to be his death. 'Per usual, my brother had double my brawn and half my brains. He assumed the counterfeit me was what vanished that night, and he thought that he'd stabbed the real thing. The truth is, the thing Luci skewered was a fake. There are plenty of fakes to go around. Everyone believed Gabriel was gone. And suddenly, I was free. No obligation to God or Heaven, or mankind. And so I did what anyone would do -- I moved to Monte Carlo and shacked up with porn stars.' Well, y-- He goes on and on for a while about porn stars and, uh...
Sam: Cas. Please.
Castiel: Okay, so Gabriel was captured, delivered to Asmodeus. 'For years I knew nothing but endless torture. Asmodeus, once the weakest of Hell's princes, grew strong by feeding on my grace.' Well, obviously, his intellect is intact.
Dean: Charlie was like family. She was a sister to me. She did more for me and Sam than I could even say. And she was... she was butchered. And we couldn't get there in time, and I...
Ketch: You feel you failed her.
Dean: I know I did.
Ketch: That, I understand.
Dean: Uh, hello? What about your story you're not telling me?
Ketch: Oh, I've had many failures... friends and colleagues who have died on my watch. Only difference is, I didn't... try to save them. 'Duty' and all that... rubbish.
Dean: Well, you do suck.
Ketch: What the hell? Perhaps rescuing this Charlie will wash some of the stain off my hands.
Dean: 'Impossible and stupid,' huh? You say that like it's a bad thing. Come on.
Sam: Uh, we -- we used his grace to -- to heal him. So it's -- it's gone. It's all gone.
Dean: So if it's gone, then that means that we can't open that door again. If we can't open the door, then I should've never come back! Son of a bitch! Every time! Every time we get close, it always falls apart. Every freakin' time.
Castiel: Dean... we will find Gabriel. We will.
Dean: We better.


Easy Street by Cosmopolitan Orchestra

Trivia and Minutiae 

"Lucifer dressing up in a suit to take on his new role as "God" may be a reference to the TV series Lucifer based on the comic character created by Neil Gaiman, who is known as a sharp dresser.
The scene where the two priests attempt to exorcise the demon, Anthony, is reminiscent of the concept of the 1973 movie The Exorcist.
Asmodeus throwing a ball of energy at Gabriel is reminiscent of the Hadouken attack in the Street Fighter video game franchise.
The bridge where Ketch and Dean see the Apocalypse World angels executing humans is the same bridge previously used in 5.02 Good God, Y'All when Sam and Dean attempt to enter the town of River Pass, Colorado. Whether or not Colorado was their location upon arrival in Apocalypse World is unknown.
While Lucifer is listening in on the priests exorcising the demon, Anthony, the phrase vade retro satana is uttered by Father Davis to initiate the ritual. This exorcism was previously attempted by Dean in 3.14 Long-Distance Call.
Gabriel is put in Room 32 in the the Bunker.
Asmodeus shared a similar death with his sibling Dagon, as both were incinerated by celestial beings -- Asmodeus by the archangel Gabriel, and Dagon by Castiel and the Nephilim Jack Kline. With the death of Asmodeus, the Princes of Hell are now extinct.



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