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The Boys Are Back in Town

(Probably Time To Flee)


A breath pause and some brother time, or a serious plot development – Supernatural's seventh episode each season has an either/or approach on these moments. Regardless of which way it goes, episode seven has given us some truly great scenes through the series:

Season: 1 “Hookman”

HookmanDeanLocal de Hunt: Ankeny, Iowa Featured Creature: Ghost



Season: 2 “Usual Suspect”

SamsurrendersLocal de Hunt: Baltimore, Maryland Featured Creature: Vengeful Spirit, Death Omen



Season: 3 “Fresh Blood”

vlcsnap 00077Local de Hunt: Albany, New York Featured Creature: Vampires (Gordon)



Season: 4 “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester”

vlcsnap 00040Local de Hunt: Unspecified Featured Creature: Samhain, Witches, Demons, Ghosts & Zombies

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam is succumbing to temptation, not all angels are allies and Castiel is questioning his loyalty to Heaven vs the Winchesters


Season: 5 “The Curious Case of Dean Winchester”

SPN 0964Local de Hunt: Unspecified Featured Creature: Witches



Season: 6 “Family Matters”

FM006Local de Hunt: Calumet City, Illinois; Lansing, Michigan Featured Creature: Alpha; Vampires, Crowley

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam has no soul and Crowley has been building business through resurrection of Campbells.


Season: 7 “The Mentalists”

TM223Local de Hunt: Lilydale, New York; Raleigh, North Carolina Featured Creature: Ghost

REVEAL/TWIST? The brothers reunite.


Season: 8 “A Little Slice of Kevin”

SPN 1391Local de Hunt: Atlantic, Iowa; Saline, Kansas; Whitefish, Montana Featured Creature: Demons

REVEAL/TWIST? There is a new leader in charge of Heaven. And she has come to play.


Season: 9 “Bad Boys”

YoungDeanSmileCropLocal de Hunt: Hurleyville, New York Featured Creature: Ghost



Season: 10 “Girls Girls Girls”

Rowena 1007HD0667Local de Hunt: Fall River, Massachusetts Featured Creature: Demons, Witches

REVEAL/TWIST? Rowena. Crowley. Mother?!


Season: 11 “Plush”

s11e07 51 Sam Praying2Local de Hunt: Cottage Grove, Minnesota Featured Creature: Vengeful Spirit

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam is praying – and maybe returning to the cage holds the answers?


Season: 12 “Rock Never Dies”

06Local de Hunt: Los Angeles, California Featured Creature: Lucifer

REVEAL/TWIST? The vessel is used up – time to relocate.


Season: 13 “War of the Worlds”

13.7 1697 ArthurLocal de Hunt: Apocalypse Universe; Cincinnati, Ohio Featured Creature: Asmodeus

REVEAL/TWIST? Ketch (the original) is alive and working for Hell. Cas and Lucifer aren’t loving their new accomodations.


Though not always the part of the series for the “OH MY GOD!” reveal of the plot – episode seven still had some serious whoppers: Sam beheading Gordon will forever be a classic Supernatural moment, and we can’t forget the emotional, heartwarming moments of “Bad Boys” that showcased the brother bond between these two, once again, from the earliest of years. Which was your favourite, stand-out, episode seven moment that is NOT a plot WOW? What teaser do you see now that didn’t stand out then? What was your least favourite episode seven character-of-the-week?

Reflect, reminisce and share below!

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