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The Boys Are Back in Town

(Probably Time To Flee)


A mixed bag over the years, the fifth episode has offered a variety of options ranging from funny to sentimental to dramatic. Usually, episode five doesn’t forget to take a nod to the main plot with a teaser of information or a hint at something that will be relevant later in the season – but more often than not, it’s a pause in a serious and intense flow of events to catch our breath and be with the boys for some fun before it’s back to the action and drama.

Season: 1 “Bloody Mary”


Local de Hunt: Toledo, Ohio Featured Creature: Ghost

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam has a secret, Jessica appears as a vision.


Season: 2 “Simon Said”


Local de Hunt: Guthrie, Oklahoma Featured Creature: “Special” Children

REVEAL/TWIST? There are more special children and some frightening patterns emerging.


Season: 3 “Bedtime Stories”

vlcsnap 00004

Local de Hunt: Madge Springs, New York Featured Creature: Vengeful Spirit

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam will go to any length to save Dean – letting go is not an option.


Season: 4 “Monster Movie”


Local de Hunt: Canonsburg, Pennsylvania Featured Creature: Shapeshifter

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean has been rehymenated!


Season: 5 “Fallen Idols”


Local de Hunt: Canton, Ohio Featured Creature: Leshii

REVEAL/TWIST? Blame doesn’t belong to one brother – they should fight side by side.


Season: 6 “Live Free or Twihard”


Local de Hunt: Limestone, Illinois; Battle Creek, Michigan Featured Creature: Vampires

REVEAL/TWIST? Something isn’t quite right about Sam.


Season: 7 “Shut Up, Dr. Phil”


Local de Hunt: Prosperity, Indiana Featured Creature: Witches, Leviathan

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean’s not saying something – but at least they’ve got a Leviathan in the trunk!


Season: 8 “Blood Brother”


Local de Hunt: Eagle Harbor, Washington Featured Creature: Vampires

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam meets Benny. Time to talk.


Season: 9 “Dog Dean Afternoon”

9.5 dog dean afternoon

Local de Hunt: Enid, Oklahoma Featured Creature: Shaman

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam is beginning to suspect not everything is straightforward...


Season: 10 “Fan Fiction”


Local de Hunt: Flint, Michigan Featured Creature: Calliope

REVEAL/TWIST? God Approves.


Season: 11 “Thin Lizzie”


Local de Hunt: Fall River, Massachusetts Featured Creature: Amara, Soulless Humans

REVEAL/TWIST? The Darkness is coming.


Season: 12 “The One You’ve Been Waiting For”

SPN 1426

Local de Hunt: Columbus, Ohio; Germany Featured Creature: Thule Society

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean shoots Hitler.


Season: 13 “Advanced Thanatology”

13.5 1288 New Death

Local de Hunt: Grand Junction, Colorado Featured Creature: Ghost

REVEAL/TWIST? Death has a new face.


It’s not hard to choose my favourite among these episode fives; that honour goes to “Fan Fiction” - but taking that out of the equation, which is your favourite? I’d have to go back to season four and the hilarious “Monster Movie” myself. Who has been the best episode five villain over the years? If there is one episode you would change the outcome to – which would it be and why?

Reflect, reminisce and share below!