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Editor's Note: Supernatural occasionally inspires a fan to want to capture their thoughts and feelings about an episode. The following review is one such example. Please welcome Winchester Obsessed, who is a very happy fan, anxious for hiatus to be over!

Season 10: After only two episodes of Deanmon (disappointed, but relieved) and all the stresses of The Mark, the writers of Supernatural kept us entertained by ensuring that they rewarded us for our true fanhood by spending time on the fans ("Fan Fiction" episode), then they gave us our usual specially comedic episode ("Ask Jeeves"). Then they drew a well-balanced, but fine line by satisfying many watchers with episodes that true Supernatural fans are keen on: episodes in which our Boys did their hunting jobs and spent the odd minute providing us with broments and humor. Before we could become complacent, and the action-suspense-loving-Supernatural fans could complain, the writers and producers mixed The Family Business episodes with ones that kept us enthralled and beWinchestered and counting the hours till the next episode.  "Inside Man" was one of these.

From the very first second that we see Bobby, I knew it was going to be a good episode. So happy that they found a way to write him back into the story, have him remain himself, and stay dead. I love him, but only the Boys and Castiel should ever be able to come back. It’s so good to see Bobby in his element, true to himself. Happy. Always willing to help the Boys. And surly, always surly. I was, subconsciously waiting for him to say “Balls!” and when he did I was overwhelmed with love for all things Supernatural anew! The whole Supernatural cast, crew, writers (TEAM!!) understands the needs of their fans!

On the other hand, upon seeing Metatron I didn’t know if I wanted to puke a little because I hate him so much for killing Dean, or whether I am delighted because I know that this episode is going to take us somewhere in the story line towards the finale. (It helps a LOT that I know that the Finale has the comfort of a season Eleven to follow it).

IM 20
Rowena. I don’t know if I admire or hate the woman. She tells Crowley how it is; she is dishonest and manipulative, but always true to herself. I must commend the producers on always picking their actors and actresses well. Ruth Connell is another star in the Supernatural heaven of good-looking, incredibly talented actors and actresses. When she paints her body and Crowley walks in unannounced, their relationship takes on a real mother-and-son feel. Crowley kills me when he says that he has been to hell, thank you, when seeing his mother almost naked. During their conversation and later interchanges, Crowley regains his stature and badass energy. Rowena is her scheming, devious self, taking pleasure in manipulating and being called the queen mother and evil skank.

s10e17 46
When Dean, in a dream state calls out for Sam, it’s heartwarming to see how Sam, already having proved his willingness to help Dean at all costs, runs to Dean’s aid, as much as he has been more than willing to do this whole season, redeeming himself, after he caused Dean and us so much pain in season nine.

Dean’s nightmare is the dream of many a fan girl… we are ready to run to his aid too, to assist and calm and nurture him. Thank you, producers for understanding how much we need to see of these guys. That wine-red shirt of Dean’s spells trouble. Last time he wore it, he was still a demon. Implying something, Producers? We share an early broment between the Boys…Sam geeking about a ‘movie’ he intends to see, Dean being not interested, and Sam ordering Dean to stay out of his room, which Dean has no intention of doing. He messes up Sam’s room, much to our delight.

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Dean’s fun continues with him eating his usual load, being witty with the bartender and hustling college kids who fall for his calm tricks and charm too easily. But we don’t blame them. It creeped us out and hurt our hearts with both sides of Dean: the boyish hustler with the black eyes, the hunter that has to defend himself against an attack, but who has a conscience. Even Rowena knows Dean’s a good guy, a hero. Even though Rowena uses Dean’s compassion for the innocent to her ‘advantage’, Crowley knows his friend for too long and trusts Dean more than his own mother. Yay for Crowley – he’s back!

s10e17 81
Sam meets up with Cas! Hooray! True to himself and their friendship Cas’ first question is "Where's Dean?". Always willing to help, Castiel agrees to Sam’s plan, against his better judgement.  It is nice to ‘see’ Hannah again, and ‘hear’ her typical concern. Their plan B for getting to Metatron is to go through Bobby. Castiel has learned well from Dean: ready to break down doors. I love that Castiel being an angel creeps out the psychic, Pryce. His comments about Sam the Hippie and Bobby the Hobbit really relieves the moment.

All the unexpected bits sent this episode over the extraordinary edge. Humour when we don’t expect it, Sam shooting Metatron, Crowley sending his mother packing, Rowena’s threat, Bobby’s letter…I honestly can’t wait for episode 18. No more hiatus, ever, please!!

PS: did anyone hear Metatron tell them that Lucifer may be able to get rid of the mark?

They could have called this episode "The Perfect One" because it was perfect. We had our Boys at their best, it had almost all of our favorite characters: The Boys, Bobby, Castiel and Crowley – all true to their personalities, working together, being heroic, concerned about Dean. The honest conversations between Bobby and Sam, Bobby and Cas, Asstiel and Metatron, Dean and Crowley are heartwarming, tear-jerking, and does not only give this episode it’s triumphs, but is also reminiscent of precious moments in the past as well us providing us with the direction of the last six episodes still to come.

We’re in for a ride, but with the Winchester Boys, you always are!


# Jo1027 2015-04-14 11:03
Oh, please, Sam caused Dean so much pain? How about all the pain Dean caused Sam by having him possessed against his will. I find it impossible to feel any sympathy for Dean after that.
# Sharon 2015-04-14 11:20
I do not disagree but sadly Dean's upset/pain is the only part that got focus last season.
# Jo1027 2015-04-14 11:23
True, and that's a big problem for me which is why I can't not comment when I see this kind of thing. Sorry if I came across harshly.
# Sharon 2015-04-14 11:35
You did not came across harshly not to me I completely understand. It was one of the many reasons I could not continue watching after last season but it is unfortunately the nature of the show.
# Jo1027 2015-04-14 11:41
Dean feeling bad now did not come out of nowhere. It was a direct result of the choices Dean made. He knows he was wrong but refuses to admit it. Maybe if he would admit it to Sam just once he would feel better about himself. He needs to own the bad things he's done instead of just repeating the same mistakes over and over. OK, done now.
# Alice 2015-04-14 23:06
Thanks Winchester Obsessed for your thoughts! I'm still feeling the love over this one. I'm with you, so much came together. The humor, all four of our main characters actually acting in character, a heartwarming ending that was a long time coming and Bobby! Man, I miss Bobby. I also love how comfortable Sam and Castiel have gotten together. They were great in this episode.

I noticed the red shirt on Dean, but I didn't put it together with the very short lived "Deanmon" episodes. Good catch! I'm definitely with you on Rowena too. She's worn out her welcome. I do wonder what she'll do now in retaliation of Crowley's snub. I'm hoping she'll become more menacing now than annoying.

I swear a lot of my writing has suffered the same reaction in comments as yours has so far. You give a well rounded analysis, and people harp on one sentence or one minor sentiment in the overall scheme of things. It's kind of frustrating. I know what you meant about Sam causing pain in season nine, and I'm sorry to see it's become such a focus. The direction in the writing in season nine still ticks me off, but I also sympathized with Dean in season nine. He did what he could to save his brother and didn't realize how hurt he'd get. I do feel sympathy and seeing him struggle with the MOC this season has been difficult. It hasn't been well plotted either, but like you I'm very pleased with the way it was presented in this episode and fingers crossed it'll play out better in the remaining episodes to come.

Thanks for writing your thoughts and I hope you choose to do so again in the future!
# Jo1027 2015-04-15 08:54
Dean didn't realize how hurt Sam would get? I disagree. Dean knew that what he was doing was what Sam wouldn't want him to do. Just because he thinks he has the right to decide what happens to Sam doesn't make what he did right. In addition, Sam has a right to feel how he feels. To say he's caused Dean pain without also saying that Dean caused Sam pain is too one-sided for me.
I will continue to comment on this because Dean was wrong and won't admit it. It seems I can't let that pass without doing so.
# Sharon 2015-04-15 09:28
I think Dean knew how hurt Sam would get he just set his mind on that course and was willing to take the chance . The simple fact because the way the story was written that the person who was at the end of that choice is the one who got the least sympathy and then no focus from writers who should of showed more thought for the brother at the other end of Dean's need to save him at all costs.
# cheryl42 2015-04-15 00:00
I really enjoyed this article. I loved this episode. It was clearly the best of the season (and I have enjoyed almost all of the episodes this year). Rowena was even fun to watch here, the red shirt will be something to watch as Dean gets progressively worse and Sam's road is looking like it will take him to places we haven't seen him go before (looks like maybe witchcraft?). Thank you for a fun review Winchester Obsessed. I will look forward to your next .
# anonymousN 2015-04-15 09:07
# LEAH 2015-04-15 14:45
Thank you for your thoughts Winchester Obsessed. I thought this was a great episode as well. Looking forward to the rest of the season. :)
Winchester Obsessed
# Winchester Obsessed 2015-04-15 23:59
Thank you alice, Leah and others for welcoming me. My heart runs over for all things Supernatural , especially for the Winchester boys. To Jo1027: I really do understand how you feel. But for me, the essence of this series is the bond between the two brothers and what they are willing to sacrifice for each other. Dean has sold his soul and been to hell to save Sam's life. Having Sam possessed by an angel (who was deceiving Dean) seems reasonable. Although Sam drank demon blood and let Dean mourn for a year, thinking hisbbrother dead, Dean would still honour their bond by doing whatever is necessary to save his brother. Many arcs throughout the seasons portray Dean's willingness to make sacrifices for his little brother. Think of Dean giving up his one and only prom night to be with Sam (mother's little helper). I for one, was as hurt as Dean waswhen Sam said that he would not be willing to make the same sacrifices for his brother. But from the first second of this season (ten) Sam has shown that he now also believes that his brother is worth all risk and sacrifice. But Dean first had to die. We have come full circle. This show is perfect, I repeat.
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-04-16 16:29
I for one, was as hurt as Dean waswhen Sam said that he would not be willing to make the same sacrifices for his brother.

But that is not what Sam said. He said IN THE SAME CIRCUMSTANCES he would not have done what Dean did, i.e., he would not have tricked Dean into being possessed by an angel. Dean did not sacrifice himself when he did that. The only thing that he sacrificed was Sam's free will and control of his own life and body. A sacrifice that resulted in Sam seeing his own hands kill Kevin. I'm not sure how/why people minimize what Dean did and its effect on Sam.
# Sharon 2015-04-16 17:08
Dean sacrificed Sam not anything of himself when he had him possessed so I would rather the fandom stopped holding it up as a shining example of Dean being true to the 'brother' relationship while Sam and his feelings were not last season.
And he never said he would not save Dean just not in the same circumstances which is something entirely different.

And no disrespect but giving up a prom night was a 'sacrifice ? and it should also be remembered that via Castiel Sam was soulless when he did not contact Dean for a year I think that would of influenced Sam's behaviour do you not think ?.