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Walker: Independence is a CW show where there’s an insane amount of chemistry flying around on the screen. This isn’t exactly your Dr. Quinn vibe. So, I figured we could take a moment to describe the very prescribed and formal courtship rituals of the time, even when outside of high society and on the frontier.

"No doubt... Endings are hard, but then again... nothing ever really ends, does it?...” ― Chuck Shurley

Those were the words that started my last Fan Video of the Week article about Supernatural. Little did I know that Supernatural's journey would continue a few years later. Thinking about that time still fills me with sadness but also I remember how relieved I was. I needed a break. It was not because of Supernatural per se but the fandom. There was a very good side to it but also the not so good side, which took a hold on me and pulled me down. Mostly it was the constant arguing online. Everyone needs a break from time to time right?

As time went by though I noticed that I was missing a lifeline in my week, something that I could wait for to survive that week. Anything that can make you feel good is only a good thing, right? Let's just say that these four years have not been easy on my front, and this year in the spring I found out that I was badly ill, which added to everything I tried to fight against. I needed Supernatural in my life and that made me wait for something else. I started to watch Walker every week, but it wasn't the same. I was not sure what I was expecting from The Winchesters, or did I even anticipate it? And I chose to stay off social media for this series, too. 

WFB is being lovely enough to give me a space to nerd out on you. While some of this will be for more light hearted little factoids, we will be talking about some serious topics too.

Seamus Fahey originally didn’t want to pin Walker: Independence down to a specific year. But so many of the cast have said 1870 at this point that I’m comfortable staying within that zone.

On May 5th, 2022, the on-screen relationship between Bret and Liam ("Briam") came to a surprise end when Liam successfully stumbled through asking newcomer Ben Perez out on a date in Walker's episode "Champagne Problems" (2.16). While I personally was happy to see Liam getting out and about again, I was disappointed that his previous relationship didn’t get a proper conclusion. I’m sure the true, real life, behind-the-scenes reason for this plotline being dropped was related to Alex Landi’s (Bret’s actor) availability and schedule, but I do have to wonder what the in-universe reasons were.

Since we didn’t (and likely never will) get an on-screen conclusion to Briam, I’d like to put some of my own thoughts out there about how and why this ship sank.

After watching Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester for so many years, I was interested to watch him on Big Sky, playing temporary Sheriff Beau Arlen. I’d never watched Big Sky so I was a total newbie when I tuned in to see Jensen's debut as Beau in the season 2 Big Sky finale. Despite missing the first two seasons of the story, I quickly clued in to the primary dramas: a fugitive woman with child in tow; an angry man with a vendetta and the detective wanting to find him before he committed murder; and a drug cartel run by a presumptive father, a betrayed son, and a conniving daughter.

I don’t know why the old sheriff is gone, but the new one first appeared as a pair of legs jutting out from under a Jeep. Don’t be fooled, though! Soon after the man appeared from under the vehicle to reveal Jensen’s smiling face, we learn that Beau Arlen doesn’t know anything about cars! Despite this, there are actually several similarities between Jensen's current and former characters.

Now that was a great episode! Tight plot, lots of action, plenty of close-ups, some twists and turns, stellar performance from the cast (as usual) and Jensen Ackles directing! There was a lot to love about this episode.

And a couple of things that sat wrong with me. So I’ll skip doing the recap, and run down the stuff I loved and the stuff I didn’t.

Imagine my surprise when I ran across Supernatural's episode "Criss Angel is a Douchebag" (4.12) in Wes Barker's magical review videos! Wes Barker is a real life magician who has earned one of the coveted trophies from Penn & Teller's "Fool Us" show. He also has a YouTube channel where - along with doing his own magic tricks - he watches and discusses magic on screen. Specifically, he tries to answer the question of whether an actual magician performed an actual trick (what is often termed "in camera" performances) or whether Hollywood camera tricks and special effects were employed (a "post-production" edit).

The magic in Supernatural's Criss Angel episode was analyzed in two of Wes' videos. Give them a quick watch and see if our favorite little show managed to impress the professional, or whether he groans and gives it a failing grade! 
"No doubt... Endings are hard, but then again... nothing ever really ends, does it?...” ― Chuck Shurley

This is it. I have done my articles of the fan videos for five years now so it is only fitting I will end them on the finale. It has been a long, bumpy road to get here with joy and laughter but also sadness. I have written many other articles, too, with different ideas I have had, but the fan videos have been the closest to my heart. I wanted to make this last one a special one, with many fan videos that people have made from the finale.

Thank you to all the creators that have made the beautiful videos. Without them, these articles would not have been possible. I hope you continue to apply that talent to next show you are interested in, and give that gift forward. As for me… I do not know what my future holds at the moment. Maybe I will get some other show to write articles about, but some inspirational vacation could also be a good choice.

Thank you also to our readers who took the time to read my articles. See you on the other side, whatever it might be. I also inserted a personal greeting that was saved for this article because of a happy accident with one of my favorite songs of the show in the background. And yes, that is me. I do sound like that… This is Lilah Kane signing off, but remember, nothing really ends now, does it?
"Do every act of your life as though it were the very last act of your life.― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

How nice was it to come back after a LONG Hellatus and watch "Last Holiday", the episode of warmth and pending goodbyes?  And what an hour it was! It was lovely to see Sam, Dean and Jack celebrate the holidays and have fun. I think that was the best thing. Mrs. Butters, in the end, was not that bad either. She just wanted to protect her family (but in the wrong way). That was truly the last holiday we'd spend with Supernatural, so I found the above quote to be quite accurate. Now that the end has arrived, we can be grateful for Supernatural as we celebrate Thanksgiving!