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 Catching Up With Current and Former BTS Personnel
Steve's play Mercury will be premiering in the Stray Cat Theater in Phoenix, Arizona.
 Show Tidbits
Our own Lilah Kane sent a present of Supernatural posters to Blind Wave Mailbag.
What is Blind Wave? Lilah explains.

"Blind Wave delivers a whole host of content, from Reactions to your favorite movies, tv shows, and viral videos to original content"


Blind Wave reacts to different kind of TV shows and they also have other online content. They react to shows like Supernatural, Flash, Arrow, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones etc.  The reactions are about 10 minutes long and then they discuss and analyze the episode they watched. It is a huge channel and many people that watch their reactions have also started to watch shows they haven't before. At the moment they have 209k subscribers. Those mail episodes are also popular. "Fans" send them stuff from the shows they watch but also suggest good movies and shows to them.


Cord cutters will now have a new way to watch Supernatural and other CW shows live. The CW Agrees To Offer Live And On-Demand Streaming Via Hulu With Live TV
The CW Network and Hulu appear to be in a friendlier place than they were around this time last year. The network, co-owned by CBS and Warner Bros., says today that “in the coming months” it will offer its live streams to subscribers of Hulu with Live TV. In addition, these subscribers will “soon” be able to watch episodes of current season series on-demand.
Today’s announcement does not say which markets will be able to receive the CW live streams. Availability typically requires the streaming service to reach a carriage agreement with local broadcast affiliates.
 Conventions, Cast Appearances and Fandom
Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his wife, Hillarie Burton,  continue to provide support to Astor Services
 jeffrey Dean Morgan
Following their appearance at the San Diego Comic Con Supernatural panel, we will get more great songs from a great band as  KansasBand to Release New Album 11/3/17