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Supernatural in the news this week!
Catching Up With Current And Former Cast Members
Other Projects
See trailer for Rob Benedict's (God/Chuck) new film Five Minutes
 You can sign a petition asking for season 2 of Kings of Con.
 As we all know, Kings of Con got lost their home because Comic Con HQ seems to be shutting down completely and the show is currently looking for a new home. Since season two is almost fully written, I thought it would be best if Netflix would pick it up!
 Nerds and Beyond has more
 Sebastian Roche's (Balthazar) new movie, We Love You, Sally Carmichael, opened Friday to great reviews.
 sebastian supernatural s06e22 60
 Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer) has an new role.
 Jim Beaver
 S.W.A.T. Under Siege is now available on ITunes. It stars both Adrianne Palicki (Jess) and Ty Olsson (Benny Lafite).
 adrianne palickiTy Olsson
 Felicia Day (Charlie Bradbury) did voice work with William Shatner on this  week's episode of My Little Pony.
 Felicia Day
Felicia also took part in another episode of Vaginal Fantasy.
Felicia will be doing more voice work later this year.
 Lisa Berry (Billie the Reaper) is starring in another play at this year's Shawfest.
Alona Tal's (Jo Harvelle) movie Opening Night is now available on Netflix
Alona Tal
 Louden Swain appeared in France recently and Rolling Stone posted this video of their performance of Amazing Grace
 Rolling Stone - France also interviewed Rob Benedict. Our French speaking viewers can read the interview here.
Pre-ordering for their new album is now available
 The Kickstarter for Briana Buckmaster's album is doing great. She has added a stretch goal.
 Jim Beaver is raising money for Theater West
 David Hayden-Jones gave a little more insight into the slogan for his Represent Campaign.

THE STORY of HOW OUR LESS THAN THREE CAME TO BE Please join me in getting your “Less Than 3 = Love” @represent Apparel at: To help support my chosen charity, The Alzheimer's Foundation of America @alzfdn This is OUR shirt, Mates! It all started with my embarrassing Social Media faux pas. As people started to find me, I kept seeing <3 popping up in my feeds. As a daft “newb”, I actually thought I was being trolled and that people were rating me unfavorably! That is until the generous community quickly (whilst stifling their laughter, I’m sure) educated me that <3 was an old texting emoji for a heart and was meant to say “LOVE”. Well, haha… THAT felt much better. Others, thank goodness, soon told me that they too had been confused by it at one time. Phew. Now I wasn’t alone. I had love and empathy coming on my side. Then a lovely woman on Twitter told me that she and her partner actually say, “I Less Than Three You” to each other after I just had used the same turn of phrase; being the cheeky math nerd I am. Now we had something; OUR official inside joke! It got hash-tagged, re-tweeted, memed, and shortened to #LTTU. It warmed my heart and showed me, a social media critic, what GOOD could come from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Well, now, that mistake, turned joke, turned meme, turned apparel is going to do some good in the world. Profits from the sales will go to benefit my very personal and chosen charity: The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. For my Nana. And my wonderful Grandfather, Aunts, Mother and part-time caregiver who nurtured her and gave comfort. #LTTU Davey HJ P.S. Look even my trailer clock is saying less than three!! ;) #lttu #lessthanthree #spnfamily #hallmark #hearties #ketch #dhj

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Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Clif Kosterman were photographed golphing this week. PopSugar has the photos here.
Just Jared has more photos of the game here.
 Jared and Jensen also made D'Marge's list of Best Dressed Men Of The Week.
 People Babies did a piece on A.J. Buckley's contribution to fatherhood in Diaper (Bag!) Duty: 5 Luxe Carryalls for the Super Stylish Mom and Dad
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