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Supernatural in the news this week
Catching Up With Current and Former Cast Members
Aldis Hodge
The Roanoker spent An Evening with Supernatural's Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer)
 Jim Beaver
 Kendrick Sampson (Max Banes) appeared on The Nina Turner Show to discuss 'Beyond Wokeness'
Other Projects
Emily Swallow's (Amara/The Darkness) film The Games We Play will be part of LA Shorts Fest on August 5, 2017
Emily Swallow
 Mitch Pileggi's (Samuel Campbell) movie Polaroid Scores BIG on Social Media
 mitch pileggi
 Kendrick Sampson (Max Banes) has been cast in a recurring role on Showtime's White Famous.
Curtis Armstrong (Metatron) took part in episode 51 of the podcast Mortified, in the episode 'How Not To Win An Oscar'.
Curtis Armstrong 
Curtis's book Revenge of the Nerd was released last week
 Jim Beaver is in a new play and it isn't going so well
 Felicia Day's (Charlie Bradbury) book The Guild will be released next week. Paperback Paris reviewed it.
 the guild felicia day book review
 Austin 360 covered Jensen Ackles new venture. ‘Supernatural’ star is opening a brewery in the Texas Hill Country
Mark Pelligrino (Lucifer) has a new Represent Campaign
 Congratulations to Adam Rose (Aaron Bass)
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